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What is the tuition fees of Dalhousie Master of Applied Computer Science and is it good?

Apr 16, 2019
I know this is a bit embarrassing but I couldn't come close to figure out what the total tuition fees is going to be. It says on their website here https://www.dal.ca/admissions/money_matters/tuition_fees_costs/fee_calculator.html CAD 21769.19 but it says 1 year tuition fees. This is where I got confused. The course itself has 4 terms. 3 Terms by coursework and the last term is on co-op or internship whatever you call it. Does that mean that 21769 something refer to 3 terms by coursework or just 2 terms? I thought there are 3 terms in a year. Appreciated if someone doing the course or know how it works shed some light on me.

Alright, the other thing is what do you think about the course? Anybody had or having any experience with the course?

Thanks all