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what if the consultant does not send you your medical requests and is not co-opt

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Daash, Oct 27, 2011.

  1. Guys plz advice.............consultant has received medicals but is not sending the same to me for reasons best known to him..pls help
  2. reason is easy to understand..He want's you to pay him ASAP :p
  3. already paid........what sould i do?
  4. Pls Help

    My consultant is not sending me my medical requests.......

    what should i do.....he is not co-operating.........

    I have the scannec copies of the requests though.......

    can you throw some light.......

    pls help
  5. I think the best way to it is, to meet him / her, if with in reach and try to sort out the things which he / she points out. :)

    Also i suggest if the things sort out well, change your address for the PP return. ;)

    Dear you have to sort this out anyways....if you cant jack it, cant crack it... then just hack it. 8)


  6. There is option in the CIC's link to check-in status of your application, wherein you can change the address for correspondence from any information from the CIC. Change this to your residence address with contact details, email ids, etc. This should solve the problem
  7. You can always change the correspondence address by going on E CAS status also you can get rid of your consultant if you mentioned his name at the time of application in the application form . You need to fill up the form change of reprresentative and mail it to your VO
  8. Moreover there is a standard procedure to get rid of your consultant officialy, you just need to fill that particular form revoking the authorization of your existing representative, fill it, sign it and send it. Have a look of link appended below.....


  9. For a medical you needed to see a physician approved to do the medical DMP. The results go directly to cic through the regional medical Office in one's area or directly from the designated medical practitioner within Canada to make a decision not to a representative so you will not see the results to forward nor should the rep. If otherwise something would appear to be amiss and should be brought to the attention of cic.

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