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>>>What about After nomination for July/August Applicants <<<

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MEB, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. How is everything Guys,
    I found several scattered threads within this forum regarding the steps after a nomination...yet after Discussion with some senior members here we decided to create a fresh and focused one that can unify the steps ,experience ,challenges and show stoppers that were faced by the members of the nomination forum to act as a collective and centralized thread "for after nomination layout" for our friends here

    Lets start by :
    1)High level steps of required Documents (Apart from the Personalized checklist that will appear for associated candidates )
    2)Most" time consuming" steps based on the experience of associated candidates and how to plan them
    3)The most complicated steps and how to address them
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  2. So what I did understand that we need those just as a very high Level
    1)All Work experience ,Education ,Lanaguage ,Relatives in Canada ,personal,family related documents used in Ontario's nomination
    2)PCC in all countries that u lived for more than 6 months in
    3)Medical for yourself and all your family members
    4)Forms(That I really do not know anything about in the moment )
    5)Marriage Certificate in English
    6)Fresh and new POF with statements fro all your credit cards

    Senior Please add tricks and more details as per your experience ,also please highlight which forms we need to add and in which stage as this is a little bit confusing area ...also what if PCC is issues in local language ..can this be translated normally (As it contains fingerprints ,etc...)?
  3. @anwar01 @BillHyatt
    Your rich feedback and valuable information will be required here to act as a centralized prudence for our friends on the nomination thread.
  4. Although, every candidate will be provided with personalised checklist still I want to emphasise on doing few things that will make your and immigration officer life much easier.

    1) Once you get Nomination and scores increased by 600 it is confirmed that you will receive ITA in next draw. Therefore, you should apply for Upfront Medical and PCC immediately.

    I always suggest applicants to wait for 2-3 working days after Medical is done before applying. The reason is that if you have some problems in Medical results it can be sorted out through panel advise before applying.

    PCC may take time and sometimes there are issues with it such as not being according to CIC requirements.

    2) I have seen many candidates have confusing or complicated personal history or travel history that is main reason for delay.

    The thing we did with some successful applicants was suggesting them to create 2 different tables in MS Word. One with the Name of Address History and Second with the name of Personal Record since 18th Birthday.

    Address History should include your address, Status in that country, Duration of stay, Purpose of stay, and Contact details.

    This will organise details Analyst are looking for and will make there work easy. It will be a summary of Address and Travel History. In addition, this will cover main components of Schedule A that many applicants are asked for as an additional information.

    Personal Record will help Analyst understand that what Activities you were performing since your 18th Birthday such as studying Full or Part Time, Working or Unemployed.

    This should include Activity, Location, Duration, Full or Part Time.

    Both of these table will be attached in Appendix of your LOE.

    I also prefer additional Table in Appendix summarising list of documents attached under each of the heading of personalised checklist.

    It may seems extra work but this has really helped speed up application process.

    Real Life Example

    I have seen two different applicants one visited 2 countries and second visited 27 countries.

    One with 27 visits mentioned each address he lived in even for one day (address of hotel) and the second one just filled the application and mentioned 2 countries.

    The second applicant got PPR within 2 months while the second got in 7 months. Both have same AOR dates and stream.

    Talking to one of the expert I got information that Analyst wants to know complete background of an applicant. Therefore, those candidate providing complete and organised applications will be processed first.

    Final Note for this post:

    I would suggest every applicant to start saving their travel/address history in Excel Sheet. I have personally saved the record of address and contact details of every country I visited ever in my life.

    This will help you during PR application and even more during citizenship application in future.
  5. @BillHyatt First of all many thanks for the usual assistance and professional information presentation ...

    But let us face it ...only few that can recall and recap such hugely detailed info.about their travels

    For me I really cannot get such info. anymore regarding my travel related details ...I am with you on the presentation part of separating Travel and personal record history of course ...but all what I can get are the dates of entering and leaving any country and description for the purpose and making sure that the entire period after age of 18 is Covered either by Education, Job experience or an activity in addition to mentioning dates and purpose of each travel outside my home country ...I did that in Ontario's application and it was enough ,so do you think that not mentioning the exact associated addresses/contacts may result in delaying the application and in the worst case scenario may even result in a rejection ?

    In Ontario you have to mention Travel in teh last 10 years ....which i got full details of ...yet before that it was a hugely old passport that was decommissioned totally ..and i really cannot recall any travel details more than 10 years back...so is it a must to recall such detailed history before 10 years ?

    Your valuable feedback on this thread will be of a real benefit to all of us ...
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  6. No your application is not rejected due to this.

    The things I mentioned has helped applicants speed up their applications but it is not at all required.

    Usually security agencies have to work out such details and if you deliberately provide them with these information that can easily be verified will make your process more simple and easy.

    This is just a suggestion for those who can do this otherwise the only thing required will be that asked in personal checklist generated.

    I hope this will help.
  7. You summarize almost everything. For Medicals I am sharing my own experience in steps.

    1- First of all go to the following portal and look for an approved Medical center in your country of stay to get IRCC Medical Exam.

    2- You have to take appointment and do it at least a week before you are planning to get Medicals as some Medical centers are too much busy to cater the IRCC Medicals.

    3- Fee and Mode of Payment is different for Every country. In my case they took only CASH. Better to check on phone whether they accepts cards or not.

    4- All Adults as well as kids have to go through medicals.
    - Kids under 5 years will go through only Physical Examination by doctor.
    - If Child is more then 5 years, Urine analysis is done too in addition to Physical examination.

    5- For Adults following tests are done
    - Physical examination by doctor. (Including height , weight & BP)
    - Chest X-Ray
    - Blood testing includes HIV & Syphilis test only.
    - Urine analysis

    6- Depending on the Medical Center, they will give you eMedical slip or Manual form in case center is not online connected. I have received emedical slip after 3 working days when it was uploaded to IRCC.

    7- Make sure to check "Non- EDE Worker" type is mentioned on the form which is for upfront medical examination.

    8- If you have children less then 5 years, take a white background passport size photograph of your kids. Check with your medical center for details as I believe it would be different for emedical and Manual one.

    9- If your doctor do not call you until the day of emedical form delivery, it means your medicals are PASSED. In case of any problem you will get a call from Medical center for further investigations.

    10- If you have any Tattoos or any medical conditions you might have to go through extra medical investigations.
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  8. Thanks bro 4 the very detailed medical info.

    What about normal issues like overweight...moderate blood pressure( like140- 150 /80-90) increase ...slight aneamia...eczieama 4 the childeren...etc...do they really cause medical failure?
  9. Thanks guys very informative. @anwar01 are you sure that we have to get medicals for our kids also? I had read somewhere that only we are supposed to do it not children below 16. Kindly confirm! Thanks!!
  10. Hi

    @anwar01 and oinp nominated seniors after accepting the nomination . I received a new msg in my ee profile today wit one pdf for oinp nomination acceptance . But my profile staus is in updated not submitted !!!

    Just wondering whether anything pending from my side so that i don miss the ITA . Or i will get ITA in the next draw if not today coz of the profile status ?
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    @MEB @BillHyatt @anwar01 Keep up the good work and lets carry on with our group till we all have our first party together in Ontario !!!

    truely appreciated.:) here is the whatsapp group ready for this thread. use this link, try web.whatsapp.com to join group :


    Lets start the journey, and hoping that we all make it to our destination by early 2018.
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  12. It will take 24 hours for your file to get updated. You will have to wait for next ITA if it is today otherwise you will receive ITA in the next round.

    Good Luck
  13. Thank you for the info @BillHyatt !!!
  14. They always ask you before if you have any medical conditions. I think if you have high BP, they will go for further investigations like ECG etc, I am not sure about that. Overweight and acute infections are not a problem.
  15. Yes, you have to do medicals for kids even its below 5 years. Details are in the above post.
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