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WES report upgrade from Pakistan

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by hsn005, Dec 28, 2016.

  1. i am from pakistan
    i have already received WES evaluation report for my B.Sc. engg degree , back in2015. for which i had to send IBCC attested photocopies of F.Sc degree and HEC attested B.Sc engg degree.

    Now i want to upgrade my WES report. as i have recently completed my M.Sc.

    do i need to send F.Sc and B.Sc attested copies again along with M.Sc engg degree ??? OR only HEC attested copy of MSc degree and transcript is OKAY?

    I completed my MSc engg degree in six complete years instead of 2 years ::) ... will this longgg duration effect my evaluation ??? ??


  2. plz reply
  3. In my opinion, you should send only Master's degree and transcript
  4. Hi,

    Can you share which previous documents did u send for upgrade ?
  5. Hello,

    I am from Pakistan.I have completed 4 years Masters in Business administration, 2 years Bachelor in Commerce. I am also an ACCA member. If I sent all these documents for evaluation to WES , so will I able to get same credentials as Master or equivalence as masters. Do I get benefit of being a masters with ACCA qualification?
  6. Hi. I got my BS (hons) degree evaluated by WES last year. For my recent Masters Degree, applied for an upgrade. Not sure if I have to send in my Secondary School Certificate (Intermediate Certificate) from IBCC to WES again. Also, since I have shifted cities, the board in Islamabad says that I have to go to Lahore to get them attested, as the originals were first attested/stamped/signed by the Lahore board (when I was getting my BS hons degree documents ready).

    Anyone with any leads, please help. Also, wrote an email to WES asking for the same, but no reply yet. WES status reads: We have received your documents. We are reviewing your documents.
  7. Requirements are clearly mentioned, any ambiguity should be referred to Wes directly.
  8. They take their time. Thousands of queries to address :)
  9. You dont need to send any previous degrees i.e. ur bachelors or inter documents. Just contact them via form and request them to transfer your previous documents to new upgrade application.

    Just send them attested masters degree and transcript copies in hec sealed envelope.

    I have recently got an upgrade n that what i did n received my eca report on 24 june.
  10. Thanks Hassan. Can you please tell me the exact message you wrote to them for request for transfer?

    In my upgrade application, I got a new reference number. Did you get one too?

    In my application document checklist, I saw two required documents: the Secondary School Certificate of Examination and Marksheet and the Masters Degree and Marksheet. Did you have a similar checklist asking you for your Secondary School Certificate as well?

    And lastly, I wrote an email to them through the Contact Us tab button on my WES account page. Is that the form that you are referring to? Did you write to them the same way?

    Can you also please tell the date you made your application, so I can get an idea of how long it took for your report to arrive?
    I made mine on 10th July. And last update was on 18th July: Your evaluation is in progress. You are not required to do anything at this time.

    Yet the required documents checklist still shows the Secondary School Certificate and Masters Degree.
  11. Just write a simple message mentioning that you are upgrading an existing eca report , mention previous refference number and ask them to transfer all the previous docs to new refference number application.
    It showed me the same docs requrement so dont worry.
    Send them an email using contact us form and courier the masters docs.
    My docs were delivered on 15 April n got eca on 24 june
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  12. Thanks a lot Hassan!
    So, I've already couriered my Masters documents to them, which they received last week. I got confused about the SSC document. So, I'll write to them again and ask them to transfer my previous documents to my new application.
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