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WES ECA report being used for Uni Admissions?

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by sake99, Dec 4, 2019 at 6:22 PM.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    My ECA is in progress, it says here in the website, https://www.wes.org/advisor-blog/wes-international-credential-advantage-package/ that, "All WES credential evaluation reports that were received before January 1, 2007, can include ICAP." & also, " (If you order an Educational Credential Assessment for Canadian immigration purposes, please note that ICAP is already included in the price of this report.)"

    Does it mean that when my ECA result will going to come out, I can use this ECA report for admission in universities as well and don't have to specifically change to ICAP-WES? I don't want to pay $100CAD for this.
  2. No WES report which you have applied is a general report which only states about the course equivalency to Canada and authorized university. This will not work for University.
    University require is Course by Course evaluation which is a detailed report mentioning your Subjects, each Subject Credits and Grades as per Canadian standard and provide you a GPA out of 4. This is used mainly for admissions to universities
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  3. So If were to upgrade my status from ECA to ICAP, how many days would it take, my deadlines are ending in January 2020.
  4. I have got mine in two weeks + 1 week for hard copy delivery if you are opting for tracking which I would suggest to do.

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