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WES Assessment Evaluation

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by Dakshay, May 21, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    My WES education credential just arrived. Canadian Equivalency Summary states "Bachelor's Degree from non recognized Institution".
    What this mean? Am I eligilble now to apply? Please suggest?
  2. It means exactly what it said.

    Did you check that your institution was in WES' list list before submitting your application to WES?

    Did you at least use WES Free Degree Equivalency tool to check your degree before sending it to WES?
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Yes I checked with AIU members list (link of WES wesbite) My comes under AIU. But, When I use Free degree equivalency tool, I cannot find my university.

  4. Sorry, I am not sure what you mean by "AIU members list".....but, if when you checked the equivalency tool you did not find your university.....why did you still go ahead and pay for the WES assessment?

    "Bachelor's Degree from non recognized Institution" means your degree is not equivalent to a Canadian degree.....this means you do not satisfy the educational requirement of the FSWP 2013 program.


    You want a WES report that says something like this, "Canadian Equivalency: Bachelors degree (four years)":

    ***WES Sample Evaluation reports.

  5. But, Its not mention that it should be from recognised University. As, my bachelor course is equal and same is followed by other Affiliated university.

  6. I don't understand this statement???
    If your degree is from an "unrecognized" institution why would you be expecting it to be assessed by WES to be equivalent to a degree from a Canadian institution?

    In fact, this is exactly why WES offers a free equivalence tool, this is also why WES shows the list of (what they consider to be) "recognized" institutions for each country......so that you can check first before paying them to assess your credentials...or at the very least, you should have contacted them first and get clarification before paying them to assess to degree....

    Unfortunately, at this time point, it seems like all you have done is paid WES to confirm what you already knew......."Bachelor's Degree from non recognized Institution"

    Please see my above post.

    If you think/know that your institution is indeed a "recognized" then maybe you could somehow clarify this with WES.........but from what you have stated before, it seems you yourself is aware that your institution is actually "unrecognized".
  7. I think WES Evaluation is done for Education not for Institutions. If their is something worng in Marksheet and degree they should not be accepted by WES. But, When I check required document section after login to my account in WES, it shows they accepted my marksheets and degree.

    My bachelor degree was awarded by Deemed University...and I didn't expect this result of non-recognized university.

  8. It does not matter what you think, it never did and it never will. Continuing to blame WES for something you knew in advance is not going to solve your problem.

    WES will simply point out to you that the only way they can know that something is "wrong" with your submission is because they utilized their time and human resources evaluating your submission......that time and human resource used doing the evaluation is what you paid for (regardless of whether the evaluation is in your favor or not).

    It is your responsibility to send WES the correct information......it is not WES' responsibility to notify you that you sent them the wrong information. Either way, WES will simply charge you.....again, this is exactly why WES gave you access to a free equivalency tool and also why WES clearly indicated to you what exactly the "required documents" are.
  9. FYI...
    About the Degree Equivalency Tool:

    The accuracy of your degree equivalency depends on the information you enter.
    This tool includes degrees awarded by recognized degree-granting institutions. Our database is continuously updated with new information. If your particular degree or institution is not currently listed you may still apply for an official WES credential evaluation and our evaluation team will research your credential.
    The free WES degree equivalency is for your information only. Since it is not based on verified documents, it may not be used for any official purpose or as proof that you have attended an institution or earned a degree.

  10. The above does not change anything I have said so far. Nothing at all.

    If when you checked you saw that your institution is not listed, why you would you still go ahead an pay WES......without first contacting them just to make sure that they will positively assess your degree?

    You just went ahead an paid them your money....just like that?

    The statement above clearly indicates:

    "This tool includes degrees awarded by recognized degree-granting institutions. "

    "If your particular degree or institution is not currently listed you may still apply for an official WES credential evaluation and our evaluation team will research your credential."

    **So, not only was your institution not listed in the tool....but when WES did their research of your institution, their research confirmed that your institution is indeed "unrecognized" (which is likely why it was not listed in the tool in the first place) and hence why they stated in your report "Bachelor's Degree from non recognized Institution".

    ***The above statement from WES is essentially saying that if you have a degree from an institution that you know to be a recognized institution and the institution is not listed in the tool you can still feel free to go ahead and submit your degree for evaluation. Once the institution is indeed recognized, WES' research/investigation will show that your credential will be positively evaluated.

    People who are using these ECAs expect to get a positive assessment from them, you on the other hand seem like you knew in advance that your institution wasn't a "legitimate/recognized" institution but still went ahead with paying for the evaluation hoping that the evaluation would say the opposite.

    If you know that your institution is a legitimate/recognized institution, then all you need to do is contact WES to clarify this. Maybe you could have the dean and/or register write a letter confirm that the institution is indeed a recognized institution......good luck with doing that though.

    (a) By the way, how long has this institution been around for?

    (b) Does the institution have any accreditation from local authorities?

    (c) Does the institution have any accreditation from international accreditation bodies?

    (d) Does the institution have any ties with any internationally known university?

    (e) Are degrees issued by the institution usually accepted at other foreign universities?

    (there is also the option of using the other ECAs to do your evaluation.....which of course is gonna cost you more time and money)
  11. can't pay to WES.It says

    Pending charges/payments: You must allow 15 minutes and log out, then log on again for your updates to show.

    What is wrong with me?? Is it already paid or not.

  12. http://www.wes.org/ca/immigrants/faq.asp

  13. I do not know what is wrong with you.
  14. Dear Sir,

    As your given link not listed in my country Name "Bangladesh". So, How should I check the university list?
  15. how to get o levels certificates sealed?.........

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