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We are stuck into Canada PR CRS Points

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by Riddhi7, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Hi,

    I and My Husband both want to get PR in Canada and being at an age of 24, we are not getting enough CRS Points. we stuck at 429.

    We both have done B.E and are in Computer IT Profession.

    One of the consultancies suggested that I need to do a PG Diploma even though I am a computer science graduate. So I can get additional points and after 1 year of course completion, we can do our WES followed by the Express Entry Profile creation.

    This seems complicated to us as many of the universities deny for the external course And I can not leave my job as well otherwise it affects on exp. ppints again.

    We have seen Human Capital Priorities Pnp program for Ontario on Ontario govt. website and are planning to go for it.

    Should we go using Ontario PNP?

    What are the risk Factors?

    Or what should we do in such Case?

    We are very much confused and disappointed.
  2. Have you both maxed out your IELTS? Do you have 3+ years of work experience?
  3. Yes in Ielts my score is 8 And my husband's 6.

    I do have 3 yrs of exp. And my husband has 1.5 yrs of exp. in IT
  4. You both need to max your IELTS scores first. You will get a bunch more points.

    Use a CRS calculator to see how much you get with CLB 10 IELTS scores.
  5. I am in content and digital marketing field of IT i.e., in SEO, Content Analyst, Digital Marketing etc similar career profiles and my husband is Software Developer
  6. we used CRS calculator that's why asking here
  7. Well, you obviously haven't tried it with max IELTS scores. That's the easiest, cheapest, and most realistic way to increase CRS points.
  8. See if you think that you both cant increase the score in English further, the next best option is only through PNP(just an PNP). For most aged applicants and less English scoring applicants PNP is the best chances.

    No risk factors as you get your PR status with EE or PNP. The only thing about pnp is to see if you can initial settlement there and if it doesnt work then you can move to a place where you get jobs later. So not seeing much issues. If you aim is to get PR then PNP is the way to go when you cant score much more in EE.
  9. Unless you are a French speaker or you hit one of the NOC on Ontario list, you do not even have a chance for NOI. Simply because Ontario has more or less known pattern where they invite people with max 10 to 15 points less than what the last 1 or 2 draws were. And right now federal draws are safely above 450+ with no sign going anywhere below that one.

    So in a way your consultant is correct. If you do not have 2 post secondary diplomas or Master or higher / or you do not have high level of French (CBL 7+), you will not be able to get anywhere close to ITA.
    You can choose from the following:
    1. forget about Canada (cheapest), this is obvious, but I guess not an option for you
    2. Learn French, I can be cheaper than taking another post secondary degree, but it also takes time and depends on how good learner you are
    3. Get that second post secondary degree as suggested.
    4. Get that degree in Canada with further options of PGWP and good boosts of points.(most expensive option)
    5. Check other PNP programs (you might qualify somewhere else).
    6. Get job offer from Canada, get LMIA approved (50 points boost at very least). This one is the least probable.
    7. Do nothing a see how draw after draw you will be left behind (more or less the same as option 1, just takes longer to realize).
  10. Hi Riddhi,
    I would like to share my experience!

    We hd 428 points at one stage with IELTS score CLB7....we waited for 4-5 months considering the cut off score will drop down, however it won't.....Finally, I decided to reappear for IELTS...well in second attempt I got CLB 9, which help to boost my points to 462.
    I would suggest both of you to reappear for IELTS and obtain maximum level as you can, that's the simplest and fastest way than any other.

  11. Yes, scores lower than 7 in any section have a significant impact when you are very close to the threshold. You mentioned your spouse has 6, that seems like the first area.

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