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Want to apply for my mother’s visit visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by humna, Oct 16, 2018.

  1. hi
    I am a permanent resident
    And i am a house wife
    I found out im pregnant and I want to apply for my mother’s visit visa
    She’s in pakistan
    She’ll be traveling to America around the same dates so i want her to visit me
    Can someone help me with the do’s and dont’s
    Can i use my husbands bank statements
    When should i apply
    What information should i add?
    Im due in june 2019
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  3. Do include a detailed day-by-day visit plan with expense estimates for sightseeing, spending time with you/family and friends, etc. Your mom must prove she can afford this visit.

    Her visit must be for 3-4 weeks. And, do not mention that you're pregnant nor should she include any doctor's note for the same
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  4. But I thought i can add in the letter that she’ll see her grandchild
    How should i create an day to day plan
    Does anyone have a sample for the purpose of visit?
  5. Should my mother include her flught ticket to america as well?
  6. it could complicate your case for VO to think that you are calling your mother to taken care or work at home so purpose of visit must be solid as a visitor or as a family visit btw how long you have been there? and is this your mother first trip to USA?
  7. I am a permanent resident
    I live with my in laws
    I have been here for over a year now
    And this will be my mother’s fifth trip to america
  8. great your mum visited UK EU etc as well as a visitor? beside US?
  9. Yeah
    She has been to uk twice
  10. Just follow the steps as @Bryanna explained above and IA she will get it and don't forget to add tax returns from pakistan.. Good Luck
  11. 1. Do post the list of documents that she intends to submit.

    2. When does she plan to visit and for how long?
  12. Yes

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