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Waiting to activate COPR US/Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by nazgul86, Nov 1, 2019.

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    I'm a US permanent resident (Green Card) and today my EE-FSW application got approved on the CIC portal after sending passport of my wife (Visa required) and copy of my passport (Visa exempt). I'm expecting to receive COPR in the next days / week.
    I am currently staying as a TRV in Vancouver with my wife, and was thinking to drive back and forth to the Peace Arch border to activate my COPR. However I have some international travel planned for the end of the month, and based on this timeline I believe I would not be able to receive the PR Card in time. Since I would like to fly from/to Canada to fly with my wife, my understanding is that I would not be let to fly if I don't have the PR Card after activating COPR. So I guess I may have 2 solutions: 1) Fly from/to US airport by myself and then drive to Canada 2) Wait to activate the COPR together with my wife when landing back from international travel.
    I think option #2 would probably be the best one, if the expiry date of COPR will be after my landing, but also wondering if it would cause problems to not activate the COPR and still travel back and forth by car to/from Canada and US in the meantime?
  2. Entirely your decision. You can activate the CoPR on any trip you like as long as it has not expired. You will have a problem trying to board a flight back to Canada if you land earlier and activate the CoPR and dont yet have your PR card. You would need to apply for a PRTD once overseas at the local Canadian embassy OR fly back to the US and drive across a land border from there.
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