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Waiting time for working visa

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Fcoc8615, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Hello po. For Medical na ako.hoping maging okay lahat
  2. Hi Melay,

    For Medical kana? I thought you just send your online app 24-Apr and your Biometrics sked is on 30-Apr? Wow, is that Upfront Medical or you received a letter from IRCC for Medical request?
  3. That’s good to hear. @MelayOcampo17 waiting time kana din nyan. Me, on 28th its my 4 weeks of waiting. Update lang tayo dto. Godbless mga kabayan s application natin.
  4. yes, i just submitted it last april 24.
    Also received the biometric and medical request letter on the same day april25.
  5. Wow, happy for you Melay, sana magtuloy tuloy na. Kmi dito sa UAE is 22 weeks processing, Im on my 15th week so 2 more months for me.
  6. Hi Kabayan, approved n visa ko in 1 month timeframe of waiting. I received passport request today. Goodluck mga kabayan. Il share the exact date of my timeline here..
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  7. Wow congratulations kabayan. All the best
  8. Thank you kabayan. I hope we can get same approval.

    Here’s my timeline:

    LMIA approved: 01-18-2019
    Biometric Request: 03-20-2019
    Medical: 04-04-2019
    Biometric validity letter (correspondence letter): 04-30-2019
    Passport request: 05-01-2019

    This application done in Philippines. Work permit TRV closed permit. I hope all of our application will approved. God Bless everyone.
  9. Manila office is so awesome, UAE should forward some applications to Manila if they can not handle them, waiting game is just ridiculous.
  10. I hope processing times will not take that longer. Lets pray kabayan. Oh btw i forgot to include the documents submitted timeline it was 03-28-2019. So they have 1 month to get a decision. Right now im on processing exit clearance here in Philippines and POLO offcourse. Praying for smooth process. Praying for all application in UAE to make it faster this time. Godbless mga Kabayan.
  11. Please how did you get the care giver job..? Was it linked or you searched online.. Please if online kindly help me with the website. Thank you
  12. Here is the link below, you may search for a Caregiver job and look for an Employer, that will be your first step, Goodluck

  13. Hi melay, do u have any update after ur medical?
  14. Hope she has good news, her files are processed in Manila, so its fast.
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