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Waiting for visa?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Tarora23, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Gc key i guess.
  2. I think y’all should chill and be prayerful. They know school resumes this fall , if you have done Medicals , you will surely get a decision on or before month end .
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  3. You should catch some sleep for real .
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  4. Yaaas. Hoping for the same.
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  5. Please where did your friend did his biometrics? Cause I did mine on the 22nd July 2019 at lekki phase 1 Lagos state and just got a mail on the 18th August 2019 saying my application is been accepted that I can use some code sent with the mail to check my statues and when I checked my visa statues it’s said: BACKGROUND CHECK we are processing your background check.we will send you a message if we need more information..... my resumption is on the 3rd of September.... worried
  6. They didn’t request for my Med, it’s satated I do not need a medical exams. We will let you know if that changes..... but currently in my background check... did my biometric on the 22nd July and resumption is on the 3rd September.... am I on a good page concerning the Med?
  7. I have not done medical o oluwa Biko grant me this visa before months end.... it’s stated on my statues that I don’t need medical exams. That thy will let me know if that changes, but I have don my biometrics on the 22nd of July and am currently on my background check... the resumption date is 3rd of September and my school fanshawe college sent am mail that I should present my study permit on the 22nd which is today or they cancel my admission... my agent have to defer my admission so I don’t lose the school fees deposits I paid already and that if I get my visa before the resumption date that she will request for the admission for this sept intake back but if not then I go in with the next year intake... God knows I want this visa and I want to start with this September.... now I am worried if they are yet to request for my medical or it’s okay by them for real
  8. It’s surprising that you didnt go through a complete medical test because that was one of the initial steps for us. Later on the biometrics took place. I dont think you will be asked for a medical now.
  9. Thats sad. Some colleges do have this thing, where they ask for a permit beforehand but that was not my case. I have got a weeks extension so waiting for some response. Dont worry, explain them the situation. Its not your fault that their government has not responded yet. Alot of people like us are waiting.
  10. same thing with since I link my application last July 25 in my Gckey account, it has been in Background check, is it true that linking your paper application to GCkey acct will take more longer processing?

    I have applied last June 17 with biometrics, and now 9 weeks in a row going 10 weeks next...HOPING THAT all will get what we are praying for.

    Godbless Guys...
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  11. Dont be. I think its on its last steps only. You will hear from them soon. Background check is supposed to be the last step.
  12. Yes, hope the same. So many people are dependent on this. I think its getting delayed because the number of applicants must have increased tremendously
  13. Hi,
    I’m waiting for my study permit for September 2019 batch as well but I’ve not yet received my visa approval
    My timeline is:
    Application done: 10th July
    Biometrics done: 15th July
    Medical approved: 29th July
    Biometric corresponding letter: 7th August
    Till now all it shows that my background check, eligibility and final decision all are under process.
    Plus my college starts on 3rd September, so idk I’m scared. Is there anyone with the same timeline? Can anyone suggest when would I get the approval approximately, just to calm down.
  14. Yours is sds or non sds?
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    I am not sure about it because though I’m Indian I was born in Qatar, as well as I have Qatar RP and like studied till 10th grade in Qatar and 11th and 12th in India, when I checked the eligibility for sds, I do meet all of it, but I heard I must be a permanent resident of India like never been outside India, so idk plus I applied through an agency, they didn’t specify anything such as sds or not

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