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Voice your issues/experiences dealing with PR application.

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by prin999, May 17, 2019.

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    Share your experiences getting PCC, Medical, dealing with consulate, etc. and, how were you able to resolve it?
  2. Hi all,

    Its been over 5 weeks since I applied for PCC at SFO office. After waiting a month I sent them an email to check my status, apparently they did not get clearance from RPO in India. I was asked to send someone to the RPO office in India and inquire about my clearance, which I did, and was told that they did not receive any request from SFO. When I asked for a file number or any other identifier for my PCC, the lady on the phone was furious, she says its only for 'internal purposes' and cannot be shared. How else am I supposed to ask RPO about my PCC? They couldn't find the request with my name and passport number.

    My passport in issued by SFO consulate. The lady on the phone wants to wait for 3 more weeks to send a reminder to RPO. I had to decline my ITA and I'm back in the pool with a lower score (-5) because I'm now older.

    Do anyone else have similar problems? Please share you experiences, and how you were able to resolve the issue.

    Thank you
  3. Sadly, the best way to deal with this kind of situation is to get a senior government official to make a phone call. That will get you the PCC in one day (heck in three hours, as happened to a friend of mine).

    If you don't have any relatives/friends with that kind of clout, then you have to keep cajoling/bothering them till they do it.

    Also, I know it's too late now, but you didn't need to decline the ITA. You could have accepted it with proof that you have applied for your PCC, and added the PCC when you got it. IRCC understands that there may be occasional delays and will wait for the PCC (within reason, I don't think they will wait six months, but a few weeks isn't a big deal).
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  4. Thanks for suggestion. I don't know any senior government official, will have to ask around my family and friends. SFO suggested me to send someone to the RPO office in India, can't they contact them faster and better than I can? They have direct/hotline contact don't they? It boggles my mind that I still have to do something like this when dealing with Indian government related work; "knowing people in the field" or "recommendations" or bribing. To put things is perspective, I got FBI clearance the next day they received the fingerprints. Not that Indians are incompetent or uncompassionate, there are definitely a few ruining it for everyone.

    Yeah, big mistake declining the ITA, we thought there would be another general draw on May 15th and didn't want to miss it. Hopefully, we get invited again soon. My new score is 452 so fingers crossed.
  5. Indian bureaucracy has improved, but it's not exactly efficient or world class just yet. Still a ways to go.

    Good luck with the next draw. You should get it with 452
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  6. I know this is long shot, would you be able to help me connected to a senior government official? I am still waiting for my PCC.
  7. Try tweeting the current foreign minister, it used to work with Sushma Swaraj.
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    Things that you can/should do:
    1. Tweet for help, hashtag Minister of External Affairs and your consulate.
    2. Email consul general, deputy consul and file complaint on Indian embassy webpage.
    3. If someone responds, hold on to him/her, be polite and persistent.

    It took 3+ months to get my PCC. I sent over 50 emails, and spoke over 20 times on phone. Applicants are "entitled" to get PCC in ONE month if the RPO doesn't respond or issue clearance. However, they are hesitant to do this (probably because of security reasons) so, keep bugging them if it is urgent.I highly recommend to apply for PCC couple of months in advance. You can ask them to ship your passport back if you need it.

    Good luck.

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