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Visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jaskirat56, May 10, 2018.

  1. I m jaskirat singh. I apply my file in 20 April for short time visa .visa name English language course .my class start 15 May but my visa is so late .plz you
  2. Application number V322044884.
  3. This is a public forum so first not advisable to publish any application numbers and second nobody here has any access to any immigration/visa applications given as said this is just a public forum not associated with the Canadian Government in any way.

    Average processing times can be found in this link but to be honest you should should maybe have applied a lot earlier than April 20th for any plan that includes travel for May.

  4. But my application can't open .
  5. Hopefully, you did some research first before you applied for a visa to attend an English Language Program. If similar programs are available in your country of residence, IRCC could see this as a means for you to enter Canada for a long stay/not a genuine student which could result in a TRV refusal
  6. I was about to apply for Visit Visa. I have an Indian passport, and will be travelling from SE Asia. I hope I will be considered for a multiple entry visa, although the website says "You don’t need to choose". It's mentioned in this page that the multiple entry visa "will be valid for up to 10 years or one month before your passport expires, whichever is shorter."


    My passport expires in late 2019, which is about 18 months from now. Is it advisable to go for an early renewal of the passport, before applying for the Canada visa? In case I am visiting Canada again in near future, I will not need to apply for the visa again. But will the validity of Canada Visit Visa (10yrs) be transferred to the new passport? Thank you for your replies.
  7. All TRV applications are automatically considered for multiple-entry. That said, a visa officer may determine a single-entry is sufficient.

    The validity of your TRV would depend on the assessment made by the visa officer. TRVs for any applicant are not issued for 10 years by default.

    The earliest you can apply to renew your passport is one year from the passport expiry date. So, you cannot renew your passport now.

    Again, normally most TRVs are multiple-entry which allow someone to visit multiple times during its validity.

    No, the TRV won't be transferred to the new passport.

    The maximum TRV validity you can expect is 18 months i.e. until your current passport expires
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  8. Thanks for the elaborate reply, Bryanna. It really helps. I would rather go for an early renewal of the passport, and hope for a longer validity for my Visitor Visa.
  9. Reiterating two points:
    1. Indian passport authorities do not accept/allow renewal of passports earlier than 1 year from the expiry of the current, valid passport. So, the earliest you can apply for a new passport is end-2018 = You might have to defer your visit if you want to attempt to get a longer validity TRV, and

    2. The length of the TRV issued will depend on several factors
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  10. Thanks, very much Bryanna. You seem to be aware of the crux of the problem.

    I am applying for an early renewal of my passport citing 'exhaustion of pages' as the reason. In fact, the four pages in my current passport would have been enough to accommodate my travel plans until end-2018, as you mentioned. Thereafter, I could have taken a regular route to renew the passport. However, I hope the authorities would "broadly define" 'exhaustion of pages,' as they process my application. All one needs to do is to give a self-declaration on the issue. Let me see how my application goes. My trip to Canada is in mid-July.

    Regarding your second point - yes, I understand that the validity is based on a number of factors. However, I wanted to try my luck in getting a TRV with full 10-year validity.

    It is an economic decision for me whether to go for an early renewal of the passport or not. The only disadvantage is that my Malaysia visa, which was valid until mid-December 2018, will not be transferred to the new passport. I paid SGD 65 for it last December. Now I have to take a new Malaysia visa after I get my new passport.

    Thanks very much for your advice.
  11. As the pages in your passport booklet have exhausted, you would apply for a "re-issue" of your passport and not a "renewal". The validity of the new passport booklet will be for 10 years

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