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Visitor Visa Supporting Documents Checklist

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by saina0830, Feb 28, 2017.

  1. I Hope this helps at least some of you who are looking for Supporting document checklist to apply for visitor's Visa for their Parents and Siblings.
    NOTE: Check list could be a little different depending on you case.

    If your Parents own a business, they would require following documents:


    - Application for Visitor Visa Made Outside of Canada(IMM5257)
    - Business Registration
    - Passport
    - Invitation Letter
    - Use of a Family Member Representative for online Application(IMM5713)
    - Marriage Certification
    - Digital Photo
    - Purpose of Travel
    - Proof of Means of Financial Support
    - Proof of Medical
    - Proof of Relationship
    - Family Information(IMM5645)
    - Authority to Release Personal Information to Designated Individual (IMM5475)

    Additional Family Members (If applicable)

    - Application for Vistor Visa Made Outside of Canada(IMM5257)
    - Passport
    - Digital Photo
    - Proof of Medical

    $100 per Applicant
  2. I am applying for visitor visa online for my parents. I am writing an invitation letter. I am writing an explanation letter on my parent's behalf. Now I have a doubt whether signature is required on these letters. Should I print them, sign it, scan them back to upload into the portal?

    Should I write a letter stating my parents names belong to them because initials in the front of the name in certain documents, initials at the back of the name in certain document, no surnames used....

  3. Are you referring to Letter of explanation or Purpose of travel?
    It's good to print and sign all letters
  4. hello Friends,

    Any sample for purpose of travel letter for parents visitor visa.


  6. Hi Madhu,

    Can you please help me with Purpose of travel letter for parents's visitor visa?
    kindly send me at sandeep.deepkalher@gmail.com.

    Thank you,
  7. my friend live in Vancouver and I have invitation letter for the same, could pleases help me in preparing day to day itinerary for Vancouver and surrey and Victoria for total 10 days.
  8. Please will they be needing my mums account statement if am to sponsor her to canada
  9. If your mum is applying for a TRV, she must prove that she has reasonable funds to afford the visit even though you could eventually pay/support her visit.

    So, yes, she must include her bank statement + other financial investments or financial resources (rental income, bank term/time deposits, shares/stocks, pension funds, etc).

    For a TRV, as the host, you can only invite your mum You cannot sponsor her visit
  10. how much money is required to show in the bank statement ?
  11. I had submitted my parents visitor visa online
    Under checklist for Proof of Means of Financial Support. I submitted my own Canadian notice of tax assessments and bank statements payslips and for got to mention my father(visitors) bank statements. I mentioned on initial questionnaire that I will be supporting my parents stay in Canada. Although I submitted online how to I submit those additional documents like my parents bank statements now? My father is retired and on pensions and rental incomes.. I am so stressed

  12. Hi everyone,

    my brother has applied for visitor visa again on 12 June after refusal on 6 june2018.

    He wants to come for our reception party here which is being help on 24 June.

    Now I receive a letter of support from MP , do anybody know how can I send this doc to update the paper file which is submitted at vfs Chandigarh.

    please advise!
    Thank you!

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