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Visitor Visa rejected

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Macavity, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. My parents applied visitor visa online from India this year. They gave their Biometrics successfully.

    After a month their visa got rejected. I ordered GCMS notes for them. It was mentioned that Biometrics not received and application rejected due to non-compliance.
    So, they emailed cpc Ottawa and Delhi immigration with Biometrics receipt.

    Till now they haven’t received any response from them, it’s been around a month. I am a Permanent Resident in Canada and they applied to visit me. They showed sufficient funds as well.

    Please advise and help.
    Should they re-apply?
    Should they send reminder email?

    Any help will be appreciated.


  2. Did they give their biometrics within 30 days of receiving the BILs? If yes, you must request for a reconsideration of their TRV refusals. This is not the same as reapplying for TRVs.

    Which city in India did they apply from?
  3. Thank you for responding. Yes, they gave their Biometrics within 30 days.They did online application and they got acknowledgement letter from Delhi immigration.

    They applied on 1st Jan 2018 and received the Biometrics letter same day from CIC. They gave their Biometrics on 4th Jan in Chandigarh office and received receipt for Biometrics submission. However, GCMS notes clearly state that Biometrics were not submitted.

    How should they request for a TRV reconsideration?
    Please advise.

    Is there a different form they should use?
  4. If you did an online application, can you log into GCkey and see the biometrics validity information on the application home page? That would tell you if CIC ever received the biometrics.
  5. Your parents must email NDVO to request for reconsideration of their refusals. There is no form for this.

    BTW what were the refusal reasons checked in the TRV refusal letter?

    Did the TRV refusal letter also mention this non-compliance.... or only the GCMS notes mention about non-compliance for not providing their biometrics?
  6. Refusal letter only do not mention any clear reason for refusal. It says “ you are inadmissible to Canada under paragraph 41(a), through an act or omission which contravenes, directly or indirectly, a provision of this act.”

    Reason is same for both their letters.

    GCMS notes mentioned “Biometrics was requested and the due date has now passed. Application refused based on non-compliance”.
  7. Okay. The refusal reason is the same.

    Do request for reconsideration
  8. And, when we login via GCkey it doesn’t show any Biometrics info. It never got updated.

    Biometrics number, Biometrics enrolment date and expiry date are all blank for both of them.
  9. Then either they never did the biometrics, the biometrics invitation letter was wrong, or the VAC and CIC did something wrong. CIC never got the biometrics
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  10. They have sent several emails to cpc-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca requesting for reconsideration. They have attached Biometrics proof to the email for reco
  11. I think Bryanna suggested emailing the New Delhi office
  12. They received their respective Biometrics IDs and receipts which mentioned their name and tracking IDs and type of Biometrics. They gave them hard copies for these.
  13. And what does the VAC tracking say? Because the data did not make it to CIC properly then.
  14. They emailed cpc Ottawa and CCed Delhi immigration on it.
    Emails: delhiimmigration@international.gc.ca

    They only got automated responses.

    Refusal letters they received had this email in bottom cpc-CT’s-ottawa@cic.com.

    Therefore, they emailed cpc Ottawa and cced Delhi immigration on it.

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