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Visitor Visa Refused

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gaurav Kaushik, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Hi
    Me and my mother applied the visitor visa on 31st October paper application in Delhi. I have linked my paper application to online on the Same day. Yesterday we got a message that your application has been updated. Then i logged into my mother account, her visa was approved and then i logged into my account , mine was rejected. In covering letter my mom mentioned that we both are traveling together for vacations. I have traveled to Australia, New Zealand and England before. I don't know why my visa was refused and my mother got approved.
  2. which documents did you submit to the IRCC ?
    are you employed ?
  3. I'm an advocate still i don't know why did they refuse my application
  4. Post the full list of documents + what was the actual reason of visit there ?
  5. you being an advocate has nothing to do with refusal reason , Were you and your mother have family in canada , what was the visit purpose ?
  6. I have submitted the following documentation
    1. 3 yrs ITR each for myself and my mom
    2. Property evaluation which is under my mom's name
    3. Letter pad of my advocate.
    4. Letter pad of mom employment ( LIC )
    5. Hotel confirmation and hotel booking.
    6. Bank statement of 6 months as we both have joint account.

    We have mentioned in my mom's letter pad that we are travelling for 20 days and she will meet her niece throughout her stay. My mom travelled to Canada before, her visa got expired and then sge applied with me. Bt her application was approved and mine was rejected. We both travelled to England. I have the valid visa of Australia, New Zealand and England., still they refuse mine, i really don't understand that.
  7. did you travelled all places with your mother or only England? are you married or single? how long you are working? might be they found your profile lower as per their visa requirement as they evaluate mother and you separately not together plus she has a reason to visit and meet what was your purpose of visit?
  8. Yes i travelled everywhere with my mom. Mine reason was same for tourism for 20 days and we wants to meet our niece on our stay.
  9. Apply GCMS notes and find out the reasons if they were not provided with your refusal letter .
  10. Where to apply GCMS notes?

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