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Visitor visa refused for Aunt (Mom's sister)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by navpreetk, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. Hello everyone,

    My Aunt's visitor visa is refused and reasons are
    Travel history,
    purpose of visit and proof of finances.
    She has never traveled before. she just got new passport.
    I applied online and I mentioned that I ll be responsible for all the expenses. She does not have enough balance in her bank account and I did not attach any statement from her side. I want to her to be here on my daughter's first birthday that is on 3rd of November. And what should be in proof of relationship.
    I am thinking to reapply.

    Could anyone please suggest me what should be done to make her case strong this time.

    Thanks a lot in advance


  2. When you applied and its online or offline please share time line.
  3. A TRV is dependent upon her own savings and travel history even if you will be paying her expenses. A 1st birthday party is not considered a good reason for travel. Unfortunately there is no chance at being approved unless her circumstances change,
  4. I applied on 1st of September and decision made on September 8.
  5. 1. Did you invite your parents or your in-laws for the same purpose of visit? Or your siblings?

    2. How long did your aunt intend to visit?

    3. Did she/you mention that you would like her to take care of your daughter or something similar along those lines?

    4. Does your aunt live with family members who are dependent on her?

    5. Does she own property or rent accommodation?
  6. I invited my parents and in laws last year just for family unification that time I was expected.
    I did not mention that she ll take care of my daugter.
    she has two children and they are grown up but both are unmarried
    She h.as her own house back home and uncle and her children wont be accompanying her
  7. 1. Do post the list of documents that she will submit: Applicant and host

    2. Can your uncle or one of the cousins financially support her visit?

    3. Is the property owned solely by your aunt?

    4. How long does she intend to visit?

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