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visitor visa of usa from canada.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by morgan9, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. hi.
    i am permanent resident of canada and came to canada as permanent resident few months bck.i dont do any job.i want to apply for usa visit visa.
    should i get the job first to apply for visit visa to usa to show ties here in canada.or it doesnot mater to show ties by job when applying from canada for usa visit visa.
  2. Its better if you show some ties to Canada otherwise why do you want to visit USA when you dont have job in Canada and no source of income to support your stay in USA
  3. I dont mean to sound bad but what kind of exam is available in USA thats not offered in Canada. And if its only offered in USA that would mean after completing this exam there is some kind of qualification you can add to your resume which basically translates into potentially "looking for a job". The idea of having ties to Canada would entail a job, property, family, bank account, a history of physical presence in Canada for sometime. Otherwise it just raises suspicion
  4. for engineers in a specific field i need to take that exam .this can only be taken in usa.
    i got the visa interview letter from them
  5. Hi everyone, can a supervisa holder apply for US tourist visa from Canada?
  6. Hi Scylla, Thanks for replying. Do you know someone who got tourist visa for USA while visiting Canada on super visa?
  7. I read of someone’s case; she was in Canada on a regular (not super visa) TRV and applied at the Calgary consulate, and her US B1/B2 was approved for a 10-year multiple entry.

    Of course, each case is assessed on an individual basis. The US prefers applicants to apply from their respective home countries, and it will be harder to be approved in a third country.
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