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Visitor Visa for Fiance to visit and get married

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by OliviaRose, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am a Canadian Citizen and my fiance is a Filipino Citizen. We want him to visit Canada just for a vacation and also, to have a civil wedding here. He has no intentions of staying after as we just want a civil wedding so that the process for our Church wedding in the Philippines next year will be easier.

    Obtaining a marriage license in the Philippines requires me to be there in person while applying and it also takes 10 business days to process (not including the day of the application and the day after the process to pick up). So basically, I have to be there 3 weeks ahead just to get a marriage license. I do not have that luxury to go that long of a vacation hence, we thought of getting married here so we don't have to get a marriage license back in the Philippines.

    How should we go about his application so that his Visitor Visa will not be easily rejected? If I write a letter of invitation, would that just hurt his application?

    Your thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. This is a good reason for a TRV. The thing is that CIC would want to know why he has this luxury. You have to show he has a good job, that expects him back asap. Keep the visit to a maximum of two weeks. If you have any wedding plans already set, include them (for example church reservation, initial payment on marriage arrangements, etc.).

    If you do not write it... what would be his reason to be in Canada? With no purpose to visit a rejection is expected.
  3. Thank you for your reply! So it is okay to say in the letter of invitation that we plan to marry here due to the lengthy process of a marriage license in the philippines but just strongly support that he will not be staying here?
  4. Yes. In fact Canada doesn't really care of your specifics for getting married, as long as you prove you have no intentions of staying that is more than enough.
  5. I have a question here. I found out that indicating in the letter of invitation that i am her fiance makes the whole application be rejected. And it beats all the supporting documents that are presented to prove that i am Not planning to stay in canada for too long.

    What are the possibility that the application be rejected or approved thanks
  6. This is not true. If your documents are not strong enough then the application will be rejected. Many people get TRVs stating they are enganged, or married to people in Canada. It is all about how strong your case is.

    Depends on the application.
  7. Yeah just to chime in to what Jalex said, I mentioned I was engaged and wanted to visit my fiancee and I got PPR 12 days after applying.
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  8. Hi Forte,
    Congrats :) Can you provide the list of documents you submitted along with letters you wrote to CIC
  9. Hi, I am in the same situation. I am a PR here in Canada and my fiance is in India. We have our wedding planned later in a month in India. I want him to join me here and work here ASAP, but reading the processing time for an outland applicant is 12 months, I am worried it's going to be a long wait.

    I have been reading on few forums of few possibilities of getting him to Canada on the visitor visa and registering marriage here. So that I can apply for his inland spousal sponsorship and work permit together and he can stay and work with me here in Canada. But, I am not sure the possibility of this case.

    Can you please tell me -

    1. Should I give him a letter of invitation for visitor visa mentioning he is my fiance? Will it increase the chances of his VISA getting rejected? What all documents should we both submit?
    2. If he gets the visitor visa, is it okay to register marriage here while he is on the visitor visa?

    Please, someone, answer these questions. I am really confused and worried.
  10. Can you please tell me what did you decide to do? and was everything fine?
  11. Hi.. I do not see any response to your comment and wondering what happened?
    I just got engaged and my fiancé is back in India. We haven’t planned the wedding yet as we are looking into options that would be fastest and reliable for her to move here.
    I also got to know to get the tourist visa and than have a civil wedding here and apply for inland application.
    Please let me know what you did and if you have any further information regarding this?
    Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, did you apply for your fiancee?? I am kind of in the same boat.
  13. Interested to know what happened to your application. Can you please let me know as I am in the exact same boat.

  14. Hi,
    I would suggest bringing your wife as a visitor to canada and then apply for inland sponsorship as you both can stay together and it has open work permit option as well.
    Try to apply for visitor visa before you get married and you can mention reasons like to know canadian culture, food and to do wedding shopping together etc for which you are inviting your fiance. As a fiance, you don't have strong legal relationship and chances of visitor visa approval is pretty high. Once the visa is approved, your wife can enter canada as a visitor.

    Ensure you make a strong invitation and cover letter to support your case.

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