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Visitor Visa for fiance (not married yet)


Jan 15, 2022
I am a Canadian citizen and currently engaged to a foreign national and understand that I will only be able to apply for a spousal sponsorship once we get married and sign the contract. However, since the spousal sponsorship takes 1 year to process from the date of marriage (which is also likely to take some time) and I would hate for us to live separated for one whole year post-marriage, I am planning to take a proactive approach and advise my fiance to apply for a visitor visa starting now.

My question is which of the following options makes a stronger visa application and is more likely to be granted a visa?

1. Me being the host and writing a letter of invitation for my fiance to submit along with her application for the purposes of visiting me.

Downside: I am thinking the visa application might be rejected since they will presume we will want to spend more time together and may risk exceeding the 6 months lawful stay. However, in reality this visa application is a workaround to allow my (to-be) spouse to live with me until the spousal sponsorship paperwork gets processed.


2. Cousin inviting her to reunite after a long period of separation due to covid and to go together on a summer tour in Canada

Downside: applying for a spousal sponsorship right after being granted a visitor visa (for reunion with cousin purposes) may seem quite fishy; i.e. it can't be a coincidence that the visitor met the man of her dreams during her visit to Canada and soon after gets married. Meaning the real reason of applying for a visitor visa will surface and we might be perceived as liars when applying for the visitor visa application. Or am I overthinking this?


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May 15, 2013
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Hey. Did you find a way for it? I am also in the same boat..


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Jan 16, 2018