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Visitor Visa for Fiancé (Planned Inland Spousal PR sponsorship)

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by anishgulati, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Hi Forum Senior,

    I would need some advise on getting a Visitor visa (>6 months) for my Fiancé so that I can apply Inland Spousal PR sponsorship. Can you please advise me how I could get this Visitor Visa considering below points.

    1. I understand that she needs to apply independently as mentioning about me would make her application weak.
    2. My Fiancé' is 26 year old, has a permanent job, no property, has sufficient fund, low travel history.
    3. Considering her weak ties in India (no property and age), I was thinking of her mother applying TMV with my Fiancé as secondary.
    4. Fiancé mother is 50 something, widowed, has a business in India, has properties, unmarried daughter not accompanying the trip, sufficient funds, no travel history.
    Planned Application Stack
    • Day- day Travel Itinerary (with flight booking and hotel stays) for 2 weeks along with estimated living expense.
    • Fiancé job Pay slips with HR NOC and leave for 2 weeks
    • Fiancé Bank statements
    • Fiancé IT returns
    • Mothers property statements, Bank Statement
    • Mothers business
    • Mothers IT returns
    • Utility Bills of both
    Can you please add more to this to make my application strong ?

    Other Questions
    • Should I include invitation letter for me stating myself just as friend inviting for visiting?
    • Is just tourism a bad idea or should I include an event(function) in Canada of my Fiancé Known(what document is needed in such a case)?
    • Is there a document needed to prove the relationship of person inviting to Canada? If Yes then what?
    • Can and should we include multiple invitation letter for friends in different parts of Canada where they would be travelling?
    Please feel free to ask me more questions or information to better guide me
  2. @Bryanna and @scylla . Hi Bryanna and Scylia- Could you please look into my case and advise your opinion.
    I would highly appreciate your help in the matter
  3. I would recommend your fiance apply alone. Her mother has a relatively weak profile with no previous travel, being widowed and being self-employed. Additionally, even if your fiance applies with her mother, she will still need to prove that she herself has strong ties and no plans on remaining in Canada long term. She cannot rely on her mother to carry her application. If they apply together, entirely possible for her mother to be approved and for your fiance to be refused. Also, your fiance is 26 and working. At this point she's really not a dependent of her mother's. She needs to show she qualifies for a TRV independently.

    When your fiance applies, she should include a letter from her employer confirming her employment status, years of work, role, salary and the approved period of leave/vacation. Where does your fiance live? If she rents a property - she should include evidence of this. How much is she planning on demonstrating in funds available to pay for her trip? Your fiance should not include any evidence related to her mother.

    Whether she applies on her own or with her mother, the chances of approval are quite low. I assume you already have plans to apply outland if your fiance cannot get the TRV approved.

    Good luck.
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  4. Thanks for your reply Scylla. Appreciate it.

    I was thinking of presenting my case more as a daughter taking out mother for the first time to Fly and see Niagara Falls as it was her long withstanding dream since her husband died. Also the benefit with mothers application is the good enough properties/money(10K +) she has in India and another dependent daughter who is studying which could prove string ties back in India.

    Agreed to your point on my Fiancé application that she needs to prove her ties separately which could definitely be job with documents you mentioned, also in her account she could show 4000$ plus to further strengthen, i was thinking for her to take personal loan for the trip and show that as a dedication to come back and pay that herself (as it is her gift to mom).

    Yes i do know that her chances of approval are low which is why i am trying to find good enough reason and ways i could strengthen her application .I am also intending to add a couple of invitation letter for friends in Canada taking. Is there anything else that could help increase her chances.
  5. As a first-time traveler, this will not work as neither of them have traveled abroad.

    CAD 10,000 is on the low side if one wants to present a good financial situation to return home to.

    It would also lead to the question: Why does someone want to spend a significant amount of their savings to visit Canada?

    CAD 4,000 is very low. It also indirectly implies that her income levels are low and are not a financial incentive for her to return to India.

    A huge no to this idea. Personal loans to travel abroad will only confirm that your fiancée and her mom have weak financial situations.

    Invitation letters have no real impact on an approval.

    I agree with scylla's post i.e. your fiancée must apply alone.

    IMO, she has low chances of a TRV approval (employment is not a compelling reason + weak financial situation + her mom and sister are not dependent on her + no property ownership + no previous travel, etc).

    You can certainly give the TRV your best shot. However, do be prepared to file an outland spousal PR application
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