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Visitor visa Canada

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by priyanka bhanot, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Hey this is regarding visitor visa, and what shoold on proof of financial resource of supporter ?
    I apply for my mother and
    My mother depended on my father
  2. Is anyone there to help?
  3. To increase more chances of visa better you apply for both you parents together showing you father saving property n other documents
  4. But my father got there visa.
  5. You can get your mothers name in your fathers bank account so that way she can show the statment of joint account n I believe you should have a good covering letter stating the purpose of visit your fathers passport n visa copy along with property papers of you father n an undertaking by your father that he will be taking care of the expense of the trip I think this should work
  7. But these all uploaded on proof of means of financial support l than same should upload on proof of financial resource of supporter? What is different
  8. Are you applying a paper visa or online I suggest go for paper visa Rest you see as per your convince as you have option of sending more documents in paper visa to make your case strong as your case must not be new for the visa officer as majority of ladies in India are house wife and are dependent on husband financially

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