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Visitor visa approved

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by tanvar2006, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Hi
    I applied for myself , ,my wife and 2 children through chennai vfs on 5/3/18 for visitor visa. I linked my application through online on 7th March2018. Today when i checked my status it is mentioned as approved in final decision status. does it mean our visas are approved? if so when can i expect our passport from bangalore since we are planning to travel to u.s based on this. we requested to deliver the passport directly to me in VFS.
  2. Congrats. You have been granted TRVs.

    You can expect to collect your passports from VFS Chennai in 1-2 days. Do check with VFS tomorrow
  3. Thanks for the reply. In VFS I have given a request to deliver the passports directly to me from Bangalore. Hope to receive it by Monday.
  4. Any Canadian visa issued is a privilege. It is not a right. It cannot be demanded.

    Anyone has the right to invite their family. But, the right to decide whether or not someone's family should be granted visas is solely at the discretion of IRCC. The reason IRCC does not issue temporary visas to some applicants is because of the strong possibility of them overstaying their visit and/or working illegally.

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    Good luck
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    Thanks for your answer, discriminated is a big word, agree. But our families are been ask for impossible demands like traveling history or to demonstrate that they can cover their expensive in Canada when that is impossible to achieve. My family live from $100.00 that I sent them every month. Calling it discrimination may not be politically correct but even when they are poor and from the 3er world, they are still our family.
    Please visit the site associated online-petition.org for more details about this petition, and I appreciate your comments. it really helps to give this petition the correct focus.
    One more thing. Good citizens of this country should have the privilege to be able to invite their families. Things are like they are until the citizens of the country demand them to be different. This petition actually propose a mechanism to guarantee that and ( I don't lie on my visitor letter ).
  6. Congrats that is super fast you can click on each application details and there you can see visa validity Good Luck

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