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Visitor Visa applied on 26 July or before got visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sunnydhaliwal, Sep 13, 2018.

  1. I applied for visitor Visa on 26 July at Jalandhar vfs for my mom ND myself and on 27 July file processed at New Delhi high commission it's 50 days almost but the file is still under processed
  2. Bro, I have applied on 17th July paper based at Bangalore VO for my TRV and still no update from them. What is your online Eligibility status says? Mine says, We're reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements from last 2 weeks.
  3. No mine file is not linking online
  4. You can call 6139444000 using goodle hangout to know about your status. It will just read out your status!
  5. Ohk after calling how to track mine application
  6. Do you the visa application no.? You will get that in your acknowledgement email! just follow the IVR and it will tell you to enter your application no. and DOB then it will tell your application status.
  7. I have tracking id is this the application no nd using Hangouts can I call rght now
  8. No, tracking ID is just for VFS. Didn't you get acknowledgment email from visa office after you submitted your application?
  9. No I have no got any acknowledgment mail from embassy
  10. Check it carefully! otherwise there is no way to know the status.
  11. VFS only displays Passport dispatched status.
  12. Yes I have checked but I did not get any acknowlgmnt mail.Is this happens that sometimes they did not mail us acknowledgment mail I have applied for my mom ND mine self both of us don't got any mail
  13. Tell me brthr
  14. Call the visa office bro. Without the application no. I even don't know what to tell you!
  15. Applied paper based visitor visa (dependant) from Bangalore on 24th July 2018
    Review of eligibility started on 27th Aug 2018
    Approved on 17th Sep 2018 at 1:51pm India time.

    I did not receive any email for eligibility review or approval. I could see the status as I linked my application online.
    Today morning at 11am I saw my status changed to updated/profile submitted and it went back to submitted when I refreshed the page.
    At 1:51pm status again changed to updated/profile submitted. This time when I refreshed, status changed to approved.

    I hope my post answers most of the queries. I wish all the best to those who still waiting for decision. Thank you

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