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Visitor visa applied from London delay, active review

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Deepee2018, Apr 3, 2018.

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    Hi has anyone else applied from London for a visitor visa since February experienced same delay? I sent an enquiry and they replied that it is under active review but that was two weeks ago, anyone else happy to share timeline from this zone? anyone?
  2. Hi - my application is also in “final stage -in progress”. I submitted my application on June 5th and still nothing. I’ve also emailed and they’ve said it’s under ‘active Review’. I’m due to fly out on 4th August for my granddaughters wedding! How much longer will it take!!
  3. I applied 15th May and my online application hasn’t even changed to eligibility review. I emailed them as the weddings I was due to attend were end of June, got an email saying under active review (3 weeks ago) but nothing since and a further email since hasn’t been responded to.
  4. Does the London VO have an active email address? From the IRCC website, it seems they accept only web forms.

    I recommend you send a web form
  5. Their web form says it will take 28!days to respond and their email address is ldn.immigration@... I’m heading to the embassy on Friday in the hope that someone will see me and expedite my application. Can’t underatand why it’s taking this long when their processing time tool says 27 days (I realise that’s an approximate but that time frame only seems to be for the minority and not the majority of applications). They should have better communication channels I’m shocked at the lack of it
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  6. This email address is no longer active.

    You won't be allowed into the embassy unless you're a Canadian.

    There are no statistics to confirm that it takes 27 days for the minority of the applications.

    You have sent the CSE/web form. There's nothing else you can do but to be patient
  7. Hey, Their twitter account (Canadian uk) gives the following email for contacting the team: LDNIMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca
    But it appears they don’t respond to this. I will send a web form for an update but I doubt I’ll get a response as the wedding dates have passed now.
  8. That email address has been discontinued. The IRCC website which is updated more often does not mention this email address. It was listed earlier
  9. I saw the message earlier but it’s quite confusing as the twitter account up till today are still giving that email address out to individuals. I gave up with email but have just sent a web form so shall wait patiently for an update. Thank you
  10. My visa came through yesterday so thankfully there is no need for me to make, what could have been, a wasted a trip! So will be sending my passport for stamping - hopefully they should not take more than a week! Thanks everyone for their advice on here!

    I think that email address is still active, I received a reply from that email address when I put URGENT in the subject line. I also tweeted earlier this week and they gave that email address, when I called the embassy they gave that email address

    Good luck !
  11. Submitted May 30th, still nothing back. Due to attend a major conference in two weeks. this is ridiculous. all of my US visas in the past have been issued under a week.
  12. Its frustrating to wait way longer than the so called peocessing times.. waiting since 48 Days...
  13. Applied Online on 26th July and the application status is Submitted. Does anyone know once application is approved, how long do you have to send the passport for stamp? I have booked US visa appointment for 29th August and then flying to India on 16th Sept.
  14. Have you received your visa?

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