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Visitor visa application for my mother in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dip23, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Hello there!
    Please help..I just got my Canadian visitor’s visa granted for a year. I am currently in France. Unfortunately, my mom & sister who are in the Philippines were refused. Now, I wanted to reapply a visa for my mom first. Can I do it even if I am not in the Philippines? Thank you
  2. Your mother can apply for a TRV online. If there is any reason for your mother to attend a visa centre, she will likely need to do it in the Philippines.
  3. k.h.p.
    Thanks..but my mom is not good with the net that is why i would like to do it for her from France. Another thing, if I do it for her, I need to submit my application as well because of the form about the use of representative. should i just apply online & say that she was the one applying & not by a representative?
  4. What you're asking there is whether or not you should misrepresent a material fact on an application.
  5. Actually, I don’t mind applying on her behalf & filling up the representative form but if i fill up the rep form,it automatically thinks that I am applying for a visa as well..which i am not because i just got it..
  6. The system will not think that the representative is applying for a visa. What you may have done is started an application and selected that you are applying for a family member. The application believes that the person filling out the form is the principal applicant, and by saying you are also filling out for a family member, it expects you to submit for two visas.
  7. Yes,that is what I did,so what should I do? Should i say that i am not applying for a family member? So the principal applicant will be my mom,where does that representative form appear?
  8. Your mom must fill/sign the IMM 5476 form (Use of representative) where you are a 'Family member' and 'Uncompensated representative'
  9. Hello there,
    Thanks for the previous replies. I have another concern, it’s about my mom’s account,should i make a new account or use the account she used which was refused?
  10. Why would you create a new account? You already have to disclose that she has had a visa refused.
  11. Yes but I would like her to try to apply again.
  12. Because if she makes another account,she has to pay for the biometrics again or I don’t know if there’s a portion there where it asks if she has had her biometrics taken..
    With her old account,she just have to update the documents she submi
  13. So again, why would you create a new one? You have to apply again. Pay the $100 again. You don't need to pay biometrics again. Just use the same account
  14. The thing is I cannot upload any more documents into her old account. Can you please tell me what to do or where to click in order to update the old documents

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