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Visitor visa application for my mother in the Philippines

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dip23, Mar 15, 2019 at 6:11 PM.

  1. Hello there!
    Please help..I just got my Canadian visitor’s visa granted for a year. I am currently in France. Unfortunately, my mom & sister who are in the Philippines were refused. Now, I wanted to reapply a visa for my mom first. Can I do it even if I am not in the Philippines? Thank you
  2. Your mother can apply for a TRV online. If there is any reason for your mother to attend a visa centre, she will likely need to do it in the Philippines.
  3. k.h.p.
    Thanks..but my mom is not good with the net that is why i would like to do it for her from France. Another thing, if I do it for her, I need to submit my application as well because of the form about the use of representative. should i just apply online & say that she was the one applying & not by a representative?
  4. What you're asking there is whether or not you should misrepresent a material fact on an application.
  5. Actually, I don’t mind applying on her behalf & filling up the representative form but if i fill up the rep form,it automatically thinks that I am applying for a visa as well..which i am not because i just got it..
  6. The system will not think that the representative is applying for a visa. What you may have done is started an application and selected that you are applying for a family member. The application believes that the person filling out the form is the principal applicant, and by saying you are also filling out for a family member, it expects you to submit for two visas.
  7. Yes,that is what I did,so what should I do? Should i say that i am not applying for a family member? So the principal applicant will be my mom,where does that representative form appear?
  8. Your mom must fill/sign the IMM 5476 form (Use of representative) where you are a 'Family member' and 'Uncompensated representative'

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