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Visa rejection

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Waldounited, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. good evening.

    I need an orientation please.

    I got better funds and assets to carry during my statement in Canada for this year, but I haven’t travel to another country, can I be rejected again because I haven’t improved my travel history.

    In July 2017 I tried to visit Canada, but my visa was rejected because of:

    -travel history.

    My passport was issued in June 6th and my visa application was in July 16th... so what travel history They were asking for ?

    -personal assets and financial status.
    he was right in that time I didn’t have enough funds for a travel.

    -the visa officer wasn’t satisfied that I had sufficient funds to carry my statement.

    I only had around 2,000 Canadian dollars by that time
  2. Being refused based on travel history means that you have no previous travel to countries requiring visas such as the US, UK, etc.

    How long a trip are you requesting? How much money can you now show?
  3. Now I can show 3,504 Canadians dollars, I have my bank papers that I can prove it.

    I’m from Dominican Republic, I’m requesting as visitor visa, I’m planing to stay for 10 days in Quebec
  4. $3,500 is on the low end. I would personally wait until you can show more - especially given you have no travel history.
  5. Thanks a lot for your advise, one more final question, the visa processing time is 12 days according to canadidian government website, how long takes for the passport stamping ?
  6. Hello @scylla my friend got her visa and she only showed 3,000 she even borrowed money 2 days before the application, is that luck ? She will pay hotel and I won’t, I’ll be hosted by friends.

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