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Visa rejected-Please suggest on how to build financial support

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Vish_Canadian, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Hi my brother canada tourist visa is rejected based on factors below:
    1. Travel hostory
    2. purpose of visit ( I stated he visiting to see me and for tourism)
    3. Family ties in home country ( i have applied visa for my entire family at once)
    4. Financial suport( he is student doing Btech final year but i transferred 12k CAD in his account to show proof of funds)
    I applied twice and both times it got rejected.

    my concerns-
    1. He wants to apply for australia study visa .
    Does canada tourist visa rejections affect his student visa process for australia
    2. If he want to apply tourist visa for other country will he be refused due to fact that canada tourist visa is rejected
    3. Can you please tell how to build financial support in bank savings.
    my dad gets 50k per month in india. but he dont hold huge amounbt of 10lacs inr in his bank accounts so for visa we transferred funds just 1month before which is suspicious to visa officers.
    so how to avoid this?
    can i transfer 5lacs INR to my dad account and then leave it in my dad account for say 6months.
    And then when applyying visa after 6months will it help ? as its not sudden deposit will that be ok for visa officers.

    Please give your valuable suggestions
  2. basically what they are looking for something that will convince them that your brother will indeed return to his home country.
    1. travel history - it means if he has traveled as a tourist to other countries and returned to his home country, the more likely that he will visit canada and return.
    4. financial support - this is where you're family's properties/businesses is needed. This will show that your family members will have reason to return to your home country to manage the business/properties.
    **i have just applied for canada tourist visa and they ask for bank statement for the last four months meaning they will be able to see transactions that was recently made such as your transfer of 12k CAD. -- this is not necessary.
    **It's better to just show your parent's bank account which should have sufficient funds to support the finances during the visit.

    1. if he wants to apply for a study visa, i think he should apply for a study visa and not a tourist visa. - this will also look suspicious to visa officers since you're not telling them the exact reason for going to canada.
    3. you are correct, these funds transfer will look suspicious to visa officers.
    note: people here could help you better if you convert those figures in USD or CAD because other people aren't familiar with the value of other currencies.
    ** as i mentioned above, businesses or properties are better.

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