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Visa refused

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Paul_som, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. I was refused today for the Canadian visa. The reasons are 1)travel history, 2) family ties in Canada and in country of residence. 3) Purpose of visit. 4) Personal asset and financial status.
    I am bit confused about the point travel history.
    I am willing to travel my cousin sister in Canada for 1 month from July 30. The funds was showed my cousin sister's Canadian bank statement as she will be sponsoring my tour.
    Now How can I prove relationship with my cousin and purpose of visit(The Letter of Invitation is given)?
    I have booked ticket of July 30 with return of 1 month gap. If I reapply now what should I do and how long it will take to get visa?
  2. can you please post about your travelling history in past? and did you attach any of your documents like bank statement property deeds? or any other financial documents? what was the purpose to visit the cousin?
  3. U were correctly refused because officer was not satisfied that you will return because you didn’t showed any of your assets in your home country...
  4. Agreed. You were correctly refused if you did not submit any documents to prove you can afford the visit without depending on your cousin + if you did not demonstrate your reasons to return to your home country, etc
  5. I did not travel abroad so history is nil.
    I did not upload my financial statement. So it was a mistake.
    My purpose is to spend vacation and explore the country. What the documents are needed for that?
    What documents are needed to prove the relation with cousin.

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