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Visa on old passport

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Scorpica, May 30, 2019.

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    Hi. I have been granted a study permit. I am going to Canada next week June 7th.

    I had renewed my passport recently however I read that I must now apply for a new visa on the letter they issue me. Should I apply for a new visa?

    Or can I just bring both passports.

    I need answers urgently
  2. Can someone help me please. I need answers urgently
  3. You have not yet got your study permit, that will be issued when you arrive in Canada. If you have had your TRV (this is the visa sticker on your passport) on your old passport, then you can attach your old passport along with your new one, and you will be allowed to enter Canada. I have had a similar situation having a valid UAE resident visa on a expired Indian passport. I just had to attach the old passport and I could still use the visa.

    In my country (India) the old passport details are mentioned in the current passport. In that section they will mention something like "Old passport contains valid visa". This is to signify to the border officer that you have a valid visa in your old passport which you must present.

    I am not sure what this does with your study permit, but you can travel to Canada with your old passport along with your new passport.
  4. I hope it will be fine then. It's just that part on the POE saying "if a new passport is obtain before expiry a new visa should be applied."
  5. In that case it would be better to contact them. Ideally you should have applied for a new passport at your embassy after landing in Canada.
  6. Yeah that's a decision wrong on my part. I am emailing the immigration in Singapore to check again
  7. You should be able to travel with both passport, Old one with visa in and new one as blank passport.
    Based on my personal experience, Last year had some what similar situation where my old passport which has Canadian visa( TRV) got damaged and then while being in India i have to get another passport. So got new passport and then travel back to Canada with old and new passport(again it was totally blank) without any trouble.

    I hope this answer your question !!!

  8. I emailed the Consulate in Singapore even print screening the clause in the POA letter, they said the same thing that the visa is valid. I might chance to get my visa transferred if they can do it in 4 days time.

    Yet I read a different thing when it's PR application. That the visa will be void if passport is void.
  9. Greetings from Vancouver. I did not transfer my visa to new passport, I travelled with both and I am fine. I got my study permit.

    Would just like to share the experience to anyone else questioning
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  10. Hi very helpful indeed
  11. Hey, can you tell how did this go for you to help others?
  12. I did answer. Please read the replies above
  13. I have a Study Permit stamped on my passport. I am due to travel in August. Before that I am thinking to apply for passport renewal. So in this case, I will have old cancelled passport with visa and a new passport. Can you tell if this was the same as your case and you did not face any issue in travel?
  14. No I didn't. Just carry both passports. The only issue is you can't use the electronic machines upon arrival. You will have to fill up a hand written arrival card

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