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Visa filing for Sept 2019.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by loveleen_62, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. how many have filed visa for sept 2019? Or yet to file?
  2. I am yet to file. Waiting for my passport renewal and CAQ.
  3. any Indian students who filed for visa for Sept 2019?
  4. filing before march end
  5. I filed on March 8th. Eligibility review started on March 15th
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  6. M too planning in march end
    I havent yet recieved my GIC certificate
    Any idea how many days it will take
    I got my swift code on 12/3
  7. Good luckkkk
    How many dys does gic certi takes

  8. same here waiting for GIC certificate.....it might take less than 10 days
  9. Hey
    I got my visa for sept intake
    Toronto :)
  10. Congrats.. when did u filed for it?
    can u share ur IELTS SCORES?
    also did u applied ol or paper?
  11. me too ... i took appointment for biometrics and got 29/3.. all dates were booked
  12. congrats man
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  13. Hy :)
    Ielts 7
    Graduation 86%
    Applied on 4th march (monday)
    Biometric validity letter-8 march (friday)
    Approval mail - 11 march (monday)
    Passport Received on 13 march

    Application - paper based

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