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Discussion in 'Visa Offices in North America' started by jinny_arauz, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. i'm a Canadian citizen originally from Panama, whom invited my father to come and visit. visa has been denied 2 times. someone mentioned applying for a TRP but i am not sure if this applies to him. he was here in Canada back in 1988 and asked for a refugee status but left after 6 months with no news about his application. on the refusal letter they don't make reference to that, they only say to prove he won't come here again and do the same. He is retired and even though he has property and liquidity, we don't know how to prove he wont stay here in Canada nor that he wont apply for refugee besides maybe making a affidavit confirming he wont. i also have letter from his church and community services, my mother applied with him and she obtained the visa. i also have requested his file and landing documents and almost 2 months later i haven't received an answer. i resent an email requesting an update and although i received a confirmation of reception; no answer. it is very important for us that he comes as it is my daughters 15th birthday which is a very special celebration in Latin culture. also i spoke with the deputy of my area that said that with am extensive letter it would be enough (after she presumably spoke with an immigration agent) except it didn't work because we received a second refusal. any comments or suggestions
  2. I’m the world of logic, proving a negative is impossible.
  3. Have you tried a supervisa?
  4. no because im not eligible according to their revenu bracket.
  5. Unfortunately there are longterm consequences of filing for asylum and getting denied or abandoning your application. It is not clear if you have ordered GCMS notes? That will give you more information of what are CICs concerns. MP can’t influence a visa approval.
  6. i only contacted MP to obtain information as to why it was denied and see if they can help me get notes quickly. i did ordered GMCS notes and also his landing record. since i have not received anything i recontacted them again after 30 days about the request. no answer besides confirmation of reception. i also sent a request to the embassy in mexico which is the one approving asking them for specifics of the refusal and resent all the correspondence i had with immigration and refugee board that they do not have his file because the refugee division was only created 30 years ago and hence they do not have my fathers refugee claim.
  7. Sorry misunderstood thought the letter was from the MP. You will likely not hear from Mexico. If they do get back to you they will likely inform you that there is an option to get the notes yourself.
  8. Yeah thanks very much
  9. i received GMCS and besides the fact of the 96 pages dont say much i still dont understand how my fathers visa was denied. plus at the end of the 96th page it says: pages 96 to 464 are withheld pursuant the section 19 (1) of the access to information Act ........the agent added notes that my father had asked for political refugee status from the date he arrived until 6 months later (which is when he left canada) but it doesnt say anything else. when mp office called she asked if he had an order against him but they said no. sooooo confusing. i am sure a TRP permit is not for him as he has nothing criminal so am wondering what can be done different on a 3rd application. what can be given as proof that he wont request a refugee status again. he has properties and landbut is retired and has no little children. or maybe the TRP is the way t go at this point, except he wont make it for the event we are inviting him to attend :(

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