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Visa denied just because of purpose of Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by shahrouz12, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. My girlfriend of 3 years is a Venezuelan living and studying in Barcelona. She recently got denied the Visa and the only reason that her visa was denied was because of purpose of visit. She had submitted her courses that she is enrolled in and the universities calendar. The main purpose of her visit was to visit me in Canada and spend the holidays with my family. She has an extensive travel history and also has a US visitor visa. What better purpose of visit than to spend the holidays together? Is it because she is Venezuelan?
  2. The "purpose of visit" refusal reason effectively means that she didn't demonstrate strong enough ties to her home country and IRCC has concerns she has plans to remain in Canada long term. Since she has a boyfriend in Canada, IRCC is most likely concerned you plan to marry while she is here so that she can remain long term.

    Yes - the fact she is Venezuelan most likely doesn't help since that country is experiencing turmoil and I believe there's been an uptick in visitors from their claiming refugee status in Canada.

    What bank balance did she show to support her trip? Does she have any property or does she rent a place in Venezuela and did she show evidence of that? Did she pay her tuition for the next semester in advance and did she include evidence of this?
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  3. She is only on her first term in university and she is relatively young only 19 years old. I provided my bank statement just in case and since she is still dependent on her parents she provided her parents bank statements and a letter from her parents stating that they will cover her costs. She paid the whole school year tuition in advance and provided evidence of it. Also that her classes begin in January and providing evidence. I understand that she is Venezuelan and that the country is currently in turmoil since I am Venezuela also but shouldn't a student visa in Spain counter that argument?

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