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Visa Approved

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by shail2054, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. my sister in law got the visa approved for 10 years today. I applied for her visa on the basis of my wife pregnancy for three months. Her background 55 yrs old, no job, 80 thousand rupees in her bank account. she never traveled to any country.
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  2. With her profile and given the fact she does not have any employment/assets/negligible finances at her age, she is incredibly lucky to be approved
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  3. When & where did have u applied?
  4. Indeed. We felt she will not get her visa after reading so many rejection comments
  5. Congrats, did u apply online on her behalf? Can u plz mention the docs u submitted with the the application that helped approve the her trv?
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    We applied paper application in Delhi on 26th August and decision made today . We are PR . Documents submitted from our side was
    1. Invition letter
    2. Doctor support letter
    3. MP support letter
    4. PR Cards
    5.income tax return
    6 . Bank balance report 9000 cad and investment 9000
    7. Employer letter
    8. Rent agreement

    Sister in law documents
    1 passport copy
    2. 6 month statements 80000 INR
    4.Income tax letter but no income
    6. Letter from church about her volunteer job
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  7. I think it’s standard time now in India for TRV
  8. Can u please explain what was mentioned in MP's letter?
  9. Nothing much . Like he is writing on behalf of us . I want to extend invitation to sister in law for postpartum help and share joyful moment During our second baby birth, duration of visit (in our case was 3 months).he also wrote as time is short I would ask to timely review and consideration of this application .
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