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Visa Application Denied

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Rama_Dwiananda, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. Greetings,

    I'm from Indonesia and i'm planning to visit Canada at 7th July to attend an event. I will arrive at 6th July and return at 8th July. I've already booked the flights and hotels and i believe i have completed all the required documents. Yet my Visa was declined because of these reasons
    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on your travel history
    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as temporary resident, as stipulated in paragraph 179(b) of the IRPR, based on your purpose of visit
    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay as temporary resident, based on the length of your proposed stay in Canada

    My brief travel history are: i have visited Hongkong, China, South Korea, and Japan twice as tourist. And i have worked in Japan for 1 year. The last time i went to other foreign country was Japan in May. Anything about these that can trigger any red flag?

    My purpose of visit is to attend an event called Tennocon, some sort of game event/expo for Canadian made game called Warframe.

    The length of my stay is 3 days, I will arrive at night at 6th July, attending the event at 7th and went back to my country at 8th in the morning.

    I am quite confused because I really don't see what's wrong. So i don't know what i should fix when i reapply.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  2. 1. What documents did you submit?

    2. The visa officer would like to see short visits to countries like the US, UK, Schengen, Australia, NZ, Japan, etc. Your stay in Japan was for employment and for long duration. That's why it won't count as travel history.

    3. Have you traveled for similar conferences abroad?

    4. What strong ties did you demonstrate to Indonesia: Employment/business + property or land ownership + dependent family + financial situation, etc?
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  3. 1. I've submitted all the obligatory documents, except for the invitation letter because all i have is basically an e-mail saying "Hey, we have a free ticket for you"

    2. Anything i can do for this matter? I can't exactly undo my trip records, so If for some reason i was denied because of it, then doesn't it means i'll be denied forever?

    3. I've attended similar event in Japan. I attend only as visitor, i am not engaged in any business activity if that's what you're asking

    4. I live and work in Indonesia now. Finance shouldn't be a problem, i have at least 60k CAD in my bank, i have credit cards and i already paid all the travels and hotel expenses
  4. It is difficult to help you if you don't share more details/reply to the questions. Your perception of 'obligatory documents' could be vastly different from what the visa officer would like to see.

    There are two critical questions that your documents must convince the visa officer:
    1. Why is it so compelling to visit Canada and not another country?

    2. Why will you return to your home country?
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  5. IMO, 3 days in Canada coming from Indonesia, and only spending one day for a conference is very hard to believe, considering the cost of airfare and difficulty of travel. That’s why the application comes across as having dubious intentions. You could only get away with something like that maybe if you were a businessman with an established history of those sorts of travels. Unfair, perhaps, but the burden of proving those points Bryanna said above is on you.
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  6. It's not my perception, the office provided me with a document list, and i have provided every documents in the list.

    1. The event only held in Canada once a year. And I've already included the event information in my itinerary including the address. It can be easily checked if the officers choose to

    2. That's where i live and work.

    The trip is already lengthy and expensive so i see no reason to spend more time and money than needed.

    So far what i gather is that there is no real solution for me here. Because no matter what i do, it won't matter if the officers handling my application simply choose to doubt my intention? Okay, i give up. This feels like a lost cause to me.
  7. Hi everyone,

    my brother has applied for visitor visa again on 12 June after refusal on 6 june2018.

    He wants to come for our reception party here which is being help on 24 June.

    Now I receive a letter of support from MP , do anybody know how can I send this doc to update the paper file which is submitted at vfs Chandigarh.

    please advise!
    Thank you!
  8. I tend to believe Canada is one of the hardest tourist visas to get, and thus it’s better to “overcompensate” in terms of documents. If you only provided the bare minimum of documents and your profile as a genuine tourist isn’t as convincing, it will result in a denial. Hindsight is 20/20, but it’s best to do a lot of research and preparation before applying. Bare minimum requirements may work for other countries, but not Canada.

    It’s not enough for you to tell them that, but you have to SHOW evidence of those through valid, official documents. Maybe you didn’t show enough of this: employment letters, bank statements, properties, etc. What is the extent of your involvement in this gaming community.

    Having sufficient funds is also a huge reason, even if it wasn’t ticked in your rejection letter, it may have played a part. If this is how you see your intent to visit Canada, then they were probably in the right not to approve your application.

    You asked for help to identify what was wrong. So here we are trying to show you. If you can’t see any other ways for you to build a more convincing application next time, or see how your last application was lacking, that’s the extent of any help you’ll get here.
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  9. I no longer have the intention to visit Canada. I have cancelled my travel and hotel booking. Feel free to close or delete the thread.
  10. a common question why you only want to visit Canada when you never visited or attend any sort of confrere in UK or Schengen Area or even in Australia which are business Hub's As well
  11. Hi everyone
    I applied visitor visa for my mother and brother. I got email refusal on Monday but when I tracked on vfs global it was showing in process until yesterday Friday. Now status changed to passport dispatched. I am really worried.
    I heard from a lot of people that they don’t send any approval or refusal email.
    Wait for passports maybe its approved.
    Is it?
    Please provide me some information,
    I really worried
  12. Did you link their paper applications to their online account? If you did then yes, unfortunately, they have been refused

    VFS does not have access to the internal processing or processing updates from IRCC. Only updates for passport transmission seen on the VFS site are correct
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  13. No i did not link to online account.
  14. In that case, wait for their passports. Hopefully TRVs have been issued to them
  15. Grounds for refusal:

    · Given economic conditions, employment prospects, considering your travel history, economic establishment and family ties, I am not satisfied that you would respect the terms of your admission as a temporary resident in Canada.

    exactly same thing for both brother and mother. My mother never ever been out of country, so how could there is problem in her travel history.
    Their means nothing is perfect, we submitted everything , all proofs.
    very disappointed

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