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Verify my offer true or spam

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Karthikeyan2998, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Sir i got a offer from big country energy services lp in ponoka canada .
    I need to check that is true or not. They are replying me in the correcf time zone. But i found the mobile number varies in google maps.kindly help me i will forward the job offer and other letters
    6709 44 Ave, Ponoka, Alberta T4J 1J8, Canada Phone: +1 (613) 702-2016
    This employment agreement is made effective as of 08/07/2019, by and between Mr. Leonard R. H. Torgerson and Bala Murali Karthi Keyan for Site Engineer position. Big Country Energy Services LP provides pipeline and facilities construction services to the oil and gas
    industry in Western Canada, the Far North, and the United States. It constructs small and medium diameter
    pipelines and installs gathering systems and sales lines for oil and gas exploration and production
    companies in the Western Sedimentary Basin. There for the parties agree to the following:
    WAGES – Big Country Energy Services LP agrees to pay the employee $3,500/month. Salary will be paid
    regularly on every month end dates. Free independent Accommodation will be provided by the company if the
    employee seek accommodation with the company. Overtime will be paid at the rate of $10/hr. Reviews of
    hourly pay are subject to change with approval. In the case of a Foreign employee, employee shall be
    responsible for the cost of their visa and work permit while the company agrees to provide Air Flight ticket
    after confirmation of the employee visa and work permit. EMPLOYMENT - Big Country Energy Services LP is employing the employee for a four (4) years employment
    contract which is extend-able on agreement by both the employer and the employee after which this contract
    ends, while joining date is 08/08/2019 and the employee hours of work shall be 7 hours per day on Mon - Fri between the hour of 9:00am - 4:00pm. The employee accepts and agrees to be subject to the general
    supervisor, advice and direction of the management team of Big Country Energy Services LP
    BEST EFFORTS OF EMPLOYEE – The employee agrees to preform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of
    their ability, experience and talent all the duties that may be required to complete the job within reasonable
    satisfaction of Big Country Energy Services LP
    LEAVE - Employee shall be entitled to paid annual leave of three (3) weeks per year. The employee agrees to
    work a minimum of 60 days before requesting a leave. Depending on the size of project and total employees, a leave may not guaranteed. A request to leave needs to be done in writing and signed by management and
    the employee. If not, the charges will be deducted from employee’s next pay period. Unless there is an
    emergency and it is agreed upon by Big Country Energy Services LP management team and the employee. COMPLIANCE WITH EMPLOYERS RULES – The employee agrees to comply with all the rules and regulations of
    Big Country Energy Services LP and the third party site rules while on site/business office. This does include all
    safety rules as per a safety manual which will be provided at the time of resume to work. DRUGS AND ALCOHOL – Big Country Energy Services LP has a zero tolerance for substance abuse. The
    employee agrees to no drug and alcohol use on or prior to arriving in office and on any of our sites. If needed, some jobs require a drug and alcohol test prior to being on site. If any incidences happen, (example- injury, damage to property or equipment damage) a drug test can be requested by Big Country Energy Services LP If
    a drug test is refused, Big Country Energy Services LP has the right to terminate employment immediately. If
    a drug or alcohol test returns positive Big Country Energy Services LP has the right to terminate employment. ABUSE – Big Country Energy Services LP will not tolerate any verbal, physical or sexual abuse, on or off
    site, directly or indirectly towards any employee of Big Country Energy Services LP or any third party. If
    abuse does occur Big Country Energy Services LP has the right to terminate employment immediately and

    And i also visa approval from Canada
    REF NO: CPCIMV/9103/6567
    FILE NO: IMV/9153/991/8763
    Dear Applicant, With reference to your visa and work permit application submitted by Barrister Marla J. Hardy (esq)
    of Barrister Lawrence R. Holmes Chambers (esq) Located at (1112 W Pender St #401, Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1, Canada). The Immigration Home Office Ontario, hereby approved your file and the approval reference
    has been transferred to High Commission of Canada, with request by your employer on diplomatic
    express entry processing preference over your file, which all the required documents has been
    provided by their firm (Big Country Energy Services LP) under their employment license. An
    Immigration Attorney has been approved in charge of your file to oversee and guide you through to
    secure your visa and work permit without any difficulty. VISA PROCESSING CONTACT DETAIL
  2. Scam.
  3. Fake. No such animal as "diplomatic express entry processing preference"...
  4. Phone number isn’t Alberta.
    No Home Office in Canada. That’s UK.
  5. But the current address is same from website only the phone number varies.
    • Big Country Energy Services Ltd (not LP) was purchased in 2013 by Mastec of Calgary. https://canada.constructconnect.com/joc/news/others/2013/06/big-country-acquired-by-mastec-joc055717w
    • Depending on where you look, average salary for a civil engineer in Alberta is $55-65,000/yr (about $5,000/month). IRCC wouldn’t let them have a visa unless they were paying the median rate at least.
    • Although engineering positions are usually overtime exempt (they dont get overtime), Alberta law requires OT to be paid at time and one half of the base hourly rate. So even at $20.18/hr ($3500/mo) the overtime rate would be $30.27/hr, not $10/hr. Any real company based in Alberta would know that.
    • Companies in Alberta (or Canada for that matter) don’t offer accommodations.
    • Are you a diplomat? Why would you qualify for diplomatic services even if it did exist?
    • There is no Home Office in Canada. Processing of any visas would be done by IRCC.

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