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Vancouver settler Plz join here :) :) :)

Discussion in 'Housing' started by CANADA DREAMZ, May 15, 2015.

  1. Every cities has their own bylaws. Surrey might be different than the city of Vancouver. Besides, you said a week in your earlier post which is considered short term. Now you said a month which is a longer term, so even Vancouver should be okay.

    People use craiglist to search for accommodations.
  2. actually my wife is pregnant, she is entering into 3rd month, i dont know, about her condition, whether she will stay for a week or a month, its all about her mood, if she goes back my accomodation is arranged already,
  3. For Short term stay, craigslist and airbnb is your best shot.
  4. thank you
  5. Hi, I will be landing Vancouver in first week of November. It will be great if you guys could add me to this Vancouver settlers group also.

  6. Good info.
    Thanks for your sharing.
  7. Please add me in to the group. I am from Delhi, haven't made up my mind completely but am inclined to settle in Vanc. 9971855655 expected landing in April '16
  8. Hi, Im from India and I will be landing Vancouver in last week of February 2016. It will be great if you guys could add me to this Vancouver settlers group.

    My no is 91 9892542958
  9. HI Guys,

    Please add me on this group.
    My no is +1 778-862-4687, landed in Vancouver in 2014
  10. I will be landing in october, settling in oak avenue,surrey.
  11. We are planning to land in Brampton in nov...Plz add my no 9811295935 in wtsapp grp..bcz few things are common whether it's Vancouver or Brampton...my name is Anuradha.
  12. Brampton and Vancouver have not much in common except being Canadian cities. One is in Ontario, the other in BC. Complete different weather for one.. different main industries, size, demographics etc etc
  13. Hi

    I am landing in December please add me to the Vancouver Settlement group

    +91 7007709271
  14. I'll be moving to Vancouver in 2017
  15. Planning to move in December , please add me in watsapp group +91 9060704567

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