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VAC-NY or Online ? Which is faster for Canada visitor visa processing ?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nycboy, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I need to go to Canada urgently for my US visa stamping. I am currently located at New York City.

    I see that there are two mechanisms - directly at VAC-NY , or online. I see that both will eventually involve processing at Canada consulate.

    Is the VAC processing going to be faster ? Do they take the Passport at the outset itself while taking the application, so that there is no additional hop to get the passport for the stamping ? Is it more reliable due to the checks done ?

    Any suggestions ?
  2. Please clarify you need to go to Canada to get a US visa stamping yet you are already in the US ? Do you mean you are approaching an overstay in the US and cannot renew US visa in the US. Just not clear .
  3. I changed my status while staying in US - did an H1B transfer. So, I need to get a visa to re-enter once I get out of US. Its not allowed to be renewed being in US.
  4. Yes, you submit your passport for a direct VAC submission, which will likely just save you 1-3 days.
    Processing procedure is just the same.
    The one advantage I see for an online application is the personalized checklist, but assuming you can be thorough, no reason the generic checklist for a paper application won't work for you.
  5. We are in a similar situation. We were J1 visa holders and luckily recently waived it. We have our H1B/H4B-documents in preparation waiting for the final letter from USCIS (anyday). Our position in US company in US starts on Aug 1. We also need to leave the country by July 29 since our J1-visa is expiring. So,

    we need to get a visitor visa to Canada fast. Is there a way to get it faster than 10 days?

    we need to get an appointment from a US consulate in Canada without our H1B-documents no later than July 28 (quite sure we will have H1-docs by then). Is there a way to get H1B/H4B visa appointment without actually having the H1-documents?

    Our challenge is that we are also in the middle of moving to another state. While waiting for the moving truck and our cars in this new state, it is very hard for us to go to a VAC (well, only one of us can go then)

    I have one more semi-related question: "Is it ok for a US-citizen infant to cross Canadian border with a "Summary of Birth" instead of "Birth Certificate"???

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