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VAC consent form and Fees confusing


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Apr 16, 2011
Hi, I received passport request for my parents visitor visa. On the letter it says please submit the passport along with this letter. And I was about to do so. But under the where to submit your passport link under visa office section it also says to submit VAC consent form. I got confused what this VAC consent form is and if everyone need to fill this form (I applied online for my parents visitor visa who are residing in United states).
SO I called the New york visa office they informed me i need to submit VAC form, passport request letter, passport along with a receipt of money order for $ 34.1 per person. that money order need to be mailed to different address. I am very confused as nowhere on the actual passport request letter does it talk about all this. If I had not contacted by phone I simply wouldn't have known all this . I am doubting if this is the procedure to submit the passport. Anyone any idea? I would very much appreciate it


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Jul 6, 2013
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Also check the thread started by juuiu "send passport to VAC for visa stamp" it gives full detail of the procedure.