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Usa refusal ,want to apply for Canada trv for study less than 6 months

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by GurmeetSingh09, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. Dear experts,
    I want to apply for Canada temporary resident visa for me and my wife. My profile is...
    Purpose of visit (study less than 6 months. I gave IELTS General Training examination three times in india but not get 6 band in each module ,which are mandatory for skilled visa for Canada. My spouse also appeared once ,her score also require improvement.
    Experience - 8 years in elevator industry. Current designation Senior Engineer Installation.
    Education- Diploma in electronics and communication engineering.( Education credentials assessment done world education services Canada)
    Travel history - Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand (In Feb 2018).
    Refusal by USA (On 26.07.2018)(purpose of visit was tourism).
    Having last three years itrs and form 16.

    Pls suggest how much chance of approval are there. And , should I take a leave of 4 weeks from my current employer or I have to resign . Moreover, we have daughter (1.5 yrs ,she can't stay in india without her mother. Therefore, should I include her also in our family application.

    Please reply.
  2. You would want to go through the advice previously given to you on this thread:

    IMO, this purpose of visit will not work. Someone either has language expertise that was gained over the years or else doesn't.

    IELTS General (or even Academic for that matter) does not have a specified syllabus. You will be tested to ascertain your level of English.

    IELTS training institutes are available a dime-a-dozen in every corner and street in India. You can enroll in one of them.

    IMO, you and your wife will be adding another visa refusal to your visa profile. It's your call
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  3. it seems that you have a good occupation that might be useful in Canada, don't waste your money on additional visitor visa refusals. Work on you English instead and try to apply for the skilled immigration path that you want to apply to. It's the straightforward path to Canada my friend, you will need good English to work here too!

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