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US proof of funds


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Sep 5, 2020
Hello !
I used to live and work in the US and I am planning to use my savings from that period to settle in Canada. Due to the economic situation and the banking system in my home country I was unable to wire my funds from the US. So i had to cash out all my funds and just keep them in hand. Recentlly the situation has improved and I was able to deposit my funds into my home country's account. However, that resulted in an influx in my account and I am confused how can I proof these funds. I have two options:
1. Attach my yearly tax and income earnings that shows my earnings in the US ( But that was in 2018 and I am afraid it might not be convincing to CIC, also it doesn't provide a link between the funds and my account because it was cash deposited)
2. Use a gift deed for my funds ( But I can only state the transaction was deposited in cash not a cheque, is that going to be a problem?)
Would love to hear if someone had a similar experience