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Urgently HELP needed..!!

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Sidhupb32, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, I'm in very bad condition right now. My refugee case is denied and then filed RAD appeal. It was also denied in march 2019. Now i got a letter from cbsa for a meeting. Anyone have any clue what's gonna happen ? Is there any way to stay in canada.? Please help.! Any advice will be much appreciated.!
  2. I'd get ready for some air travel!
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  3. This is essentially the meeting to determine if you are removal ready. If you are, they will arrange your departure date. If you don’t show up to the meeting, CBSA will issue an arrest warrant for you.
  4. They will meet you and they might offer you PRRA.
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    By the way folks, a PRRA is an application to remain in Canada on the basis that a person would be at risk of physical harm if they get deported to their country of nationality. But, pretty darn unlikely for a twice rejected individual. Why would they change their minds especially after two full hearings. I'll say it; don't waste my tax money; just go home or come in via normal immigration. Check if you can use normal immigration by using this Government tool: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/come-canada-tool.html
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  6. Hi

    1. PRRA only if the Refugee claim decision is over a year old.
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  7. You may not apply for a PRRA unless at least 12 months have passed.

    However, certain nationals may not have to wait 12 months to apply for a PRRA, in the case of a sudden change in country conditions. Please check the CIC website for the updated list of countries to which an exemption to the bar on applying for a PRRA applies.

    i do not know the nature of your case but i do trust that if you got denied twice you must not have a legit case.

    I do wish you all the best thou.
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  8. Hi,
    Thank you for the reply on the post.
    Can you please give me some more info if you have any idea about spousal sponcership? I got married last year but my spouse is not a PR yet (but she will be around at the end of this year). Is it possible for me to come back if she sponcer me after her PR. If yes, how long is that process ? Or Is there any way to stay in canada until she gets a pr? Please help. Thanks in advance.! Have a nice day.
  9. She needs to add you to her PR application now since you are married. She should contact the visa office asap to inform them she is now married. She will then have to submit all of the paperwork (e.g. forms, police certificates, etc.) to add you to her application. It's mandatory that she do this now (before becoming a PR). If she lists you in her application as an accompanying spouse, both of you will receive PR together.
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  10. to add to what Scylla said, if you are not listed as a spouse before she gets her pr she will never be able to sponsor you ever again. you would have to find some other way to come/stay in Canada
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  11. Hi Scylla, thank you so much for the info. One more thing,Can you please explain how can my wife do that, i mean on CIC website or she needs to call a visa office. On the other hand, as I'm on removal order do I need to add her in my file with CIC.? After this, if i need to leave Canada (on CBSA demand) before my wife gets Pr, will I get pr when my wife gets it here in Canada.?
  12. Thank you Jets13
  13. Recommend you or your wife look through the Express Entry section of the forum. There are a number of discussions there covering how you add a spouse to an existing PR application.
  14. Thank you so much Scylla for your help.!
  15. Would anticipate there is likely to be an interview needed to determine if you are in a genuine relationship unless you dated for quite some time before you knew the outcome of your refugee case. That could delay the PR as well as adding a spouse.
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