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URGENT: PR Residency Obligations for minors under 18


Feb 16, 2012
Hi All,
My family consists of me, my wife and a 6yr old son. We all landed in March 2013 as Canada PR.
Due to some family issues and settlement issues we had to send our son to our base country in August 2013 as he was not going to school.
Since he would be starting school in 2016. We brought him back to Canada in June 2016.
Now, our PR cards are expiring soon as we are near the 5 years mark. I and my wife meet the residency obligation for renewing the PR card. But my son is only finishing 700 days at the end of the PR card expiry date.
My queries are - Should I apply for renewing our PR cards? Will they consider my son's application on compassionate grounds? Do I have to do a separate application for H&C grounds?
Or instead, I should go ahead and apply for Citizenship as it doesn't require residency for minors under 18?
But citizenship requirement says that one should meet permanent residency requirements.

I am in a big dilemma. All suggestions are really appreciated!!!


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May 18, 2015
Unless you plan to travel, there is no requirement to renew the PR cards. I would avoid renewing your sons until he is well within RO.
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Only apply to renew your son's PR card after he has 730 days. There is no law stating he must have a PR card. The PR status and the PR card are not linked to each other, so even if he doesn't have a PR card he is still a PR.
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Jun 18, 2017
Just to clarify don't renew you and your wife's cards either until your son has met the 730 days. I would add a month or two of buffer time if possible.
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