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URGENT - PGWP expiring with no LMIA

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by desperatepotato, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Hi all,

    I am currently on post graduate work permit (PGWP) and it will expire very soon. I thought it could be extended like other permits, since many people mentioned extending their work permit (so stupid of me) and now I realized it needs LMIA. My HR said they will not apply for LMIA as they had bad experience with it before.

    I graduated bachelors (4 years) and applied for PGWP (got 3 years) because I got an opportunity to pursue both an internship and a masters thinking it PGWP can be extended...(now after researching more I should have done co-op work permit - which I didn't know at the time).

    I now have a full time permanent position but I have only worked 4 months so I am not eligible for EE. I tried OINP Master's stream but it filled up so fast.

    So...currently...what options do I have?
    1) Closed (employer specific) work permit - if so how, I heard it also needs LMIA...
    2) Other options

    It sucks that I will have to leave due to my one mistake. Has anyone seen exceptions being with letter of explanation?

  2. A closed work permit requires an LMIA.

    There are no exceptions.
  3. The IRCC will not give you a closed work permit without a LMIA, it’s the law
    A Canadian or PR gets first crack at the job before it being offered to a foreign national
  4. What country are your from? How old are you?

    As others have said, you need an approved LMIA to apply for a closed work permit / employer specific work permit. Other than the OINP Masters immigration stream (which, as you've said, has filled up already), I don't see any other options.

    IRCC definitely won't extend your PGWP. That's a non-starter.
  5. From the Caribbean, I'm 27.
  6. In that case an IEC / Working Holiday Visa isn't an option.

    You need an approved LMIA if you want to remain in Canada and continue working.
  7. What if I have a Taiwanese passport as well. Can I try holiday visa or young professional?
  8. Working Holiday Visa is a no-go. All of the spots are pretty much spoken for at this point and there are still over 2K candidates in the pool waiting for an invitation.

    YP is an option if your employer will support it. Depending on when your PGWP is expiring and how soon you are able to get into the YP pool and be selected, you may still have a period where you'll need to stop working between the end of your PGWP and the start of the YP work permit.
  9. Thank you. Would you say to apply for both anyway? Or just YP.
  10. I would focus on YP.

    You can submit a profile for WHV, but there's almost no chance you'll be selected.

    Make sure you familiarize yourself with the funds and insurance coverage you will need to show. The insurance coverage is mandatory to get the work permit issued at the border (assuming you are selected and approved).
  11. Can we work on LMIA approved close workpermit for 3-4 months and then apply for PGWP?
  12. What kind of insurance coverage would I need? Also, I have a full time permanent position, is it still ok for YP even though it's considered temporary?
  13. Do you have a work permit and a study permit simultaneously?
  14. I am on study permit now (expires on July 31st). As per new rules, I can apply for PGWP within 180 days from July 31st.
    But generally we wont be able to add the experience of this 6 months of EE.
    So I wonder can I work on closed workpermit raised by LMIA by my employer in this 6 months and then apply for PGWP?
  15. You probably could but might jeopardize your PGWP.
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