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[Urgent] Passport sent to closed older NYC facility

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ariefz, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Hi all,

    I am really worried about the status of my passport. I was told that my visa was approved online on the Canada gov. website, and that I had to send my passport to the facility to get my visa. I sent my passport to the VAC in New York that was listed on the website which was linked through the message they sent to me. However, I have now found out that the address I sent it to was an older one (ridiculous that they did not update this on their website). I sent my package on November 28, and it was received on December 3 according to USPS tracking. I have enclosed my passport, transmission fee, some papers, and a return label. What will happen to my passport since i sent it to the now closed facility. It says it has arrived at the front desk of NY 10036, will they send it back to me? I have contacted live chat but they have not been helpful, and they havent responded to my email. Will I have to make a trip to NY and go to the old office to get it? And then go in person to the new office? Or will they send it back to me? I have a flight to Canada on the 24th, I really really hope I can get this resolved. Any help would be appreciated! I'm really worried. Thank you so much.

    I sent it to this address: Canada Visa Application Center, 145 W 45th St Fl 4, New York, NY, 10036.
  2. 1. Do email the NY visa office (not VAC) to confirm whether or not they have received your passport.

    2. Passports sent incorrectly to the lock-box address (in the past) were dispatched to the VAC on a weekly basis. Maybe your passport will be sent to the VAC/visa office soon
  3. Canada Visa Application Centre

    145 WEST 45th street, 4th floor

    New York, NY 10036

    I think where you sent is the correct place, no worries, it now takes up to 14 business days.

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