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Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by lolo1111, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Hello, my application got refused. I previously applied for the Canadian study permit online but my application was refused due to some reasons. I have gotten the required documents now and I intend to re-apply. Please, should I apply using my current GCkey account or do I have to revoke it and create a new GCKey account for a new application?
  2. You should use existing GCkey account. There is no reason why you should make a new account it will not make any difference.

    Your previous application will be visible to IRCC whether you create a new account or not. You must answer yes to the question "have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada?" as well to any question related to rejected visas and mention your previous application. If answered incorrectly you will be found inadmissible for 5 years due to misrepresentation.
  3. Okay. Thanks a lot for the reply, I appreciate it.
  4. Hello,

    My visa was rejected due to proof of inadequate funds. (This is related to my father's bank statement). He borrowed some people money in the past but they've paid back now. My mother transferred $5,000 to him from her own account. He also collected a bank loan of about $26,400 Canadian dollars. The whole funds I have available right now is about $56,100 Canadian dollars. I came across a site which says eye brows will be raised at the visa office if a lump sum of money is suddenly found in the account especially after a visa refusal. Please what can I do about this? Should I give an explanation in my letter of how I came about the funds? is it also a crime If my father took a loan in the bank to make it up?
  5. It is okay to have one lump sum amount deposited in your account however you have to also document where this money came from so in your mother's case you need to add 6 months bank statements from the same account she used to transfer $5,000 to you (showing it was ordinary income) and in your father's case you will also have to provide 6 months bank statements from the same account he got the loan from and then add the loan documents showing where $26,400 came from.

    It is okay to use a loan to pay for your school whether it was a study loan in your home country or in Canada, or that it was someone else who took the loan to support you. A letter of explanation would make things easier for the case officer and you should include affidavit letters of financial support from your parents.
  6. Thanks for your reply. I have the bank statements already.

    I contacted the bank to give me some form of evidence or receipt or something showing that they issued a loan to my father. Unfortunately, the manager there said they don't issue any document pertaining to loans taken. She said it's a private thing between the customer and the bank. I really don't know what to do now. I am thinking of explaining the situation in my letter of explanation, but I don't know if the visa officer will be okay with it or be convinced. Please what do you think I can do?
  7. There is always some sort of an installment schedule your father can see online in his banking account or get along with bank statements, much like a credit card bill. You can use that to show the source of the funds.
  8. Okay. Thank you. One more thing please
    Which method of applying is better?? Using the paper application(that is, taking the hardcopy forms to the visa office) or the Online application? Or are both methods the same, no special preference.
  9. With online application you get to track the status of your application. You could also apply by paper and then link the application to your online account.

    Please note that if the bank statement having the funds is not in your name you will need to attach a signed affidavit letter of support from that person saying they will pay for your school and living expenses for X amount in CAD dollars.
  10. Okay. Thanks a lot for the reply.

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