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Urgent infomation needed about Trv

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sabysawhney, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. I filed my visa from New Delhi on 19th Nov and recieved Acknowledgement on 22nd nov so after that today i received again the acknowlegement letter and when i checked gckey eariler it was application in process and nownit is we are reviewing your eligibility requirement and in main concern background check section earlier it was ‘not applicable’ Now it say ‘Your application is in progress , we will message you once wr start yout background check

    Is it a good sign or bad sign i am very confused please suggest
  2. This does not indicate anything. Don't think too much :)
  3. Thanks Bryanna!

    Could you please tell when can i expect visa
  4. If I worked with IRCC, I might have been able to tell you :)
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  5. Ohh sorry i was generally asking the tat
    And can u please tell what is background check
  6. Hello Baryana
    Today i was reading old massages of your and it was quite interesting answer ahahahah
  7. :)
  8. In Seattle enjoying with brother and his family they came from Vancouver for me because no trv yet.i gave.my biometrics in Seattle office regards
  9. Don't lose hope :)
  10. Thanks baryana for supports u always give all members
  11. Hello baryana Yeaterday no email came but in my acount where is written review your eligibility = It was written that we will send you massage once we start your eligibility But now yesterday its written Review of eligibility =We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements. Is this mean they started my application process once i submitted biometrics in Seattle USA. I submetted my application on 14 Dec 2018 and Boimatrics done on 9 Jan 2019 and now a days process shows 38 days will this 38 days starts from yeaterday ? Back ground is still in process also like first day
  12. Hi... I submitted trv online in canada for my mom through my account. Fees paid and I received request to send biometric. When I received the biometric letter I noticed error in given name ( family name repeated instead of middle name) and send them a case specific query through the web form. They sent me an email saying they are unable to find information that I am her representative and asked to send Use of representative form.

    Please advice if I should go ahead with the biometric.. what should I do as I have 30 days to submit her biometric. Pls help
  13. Hello Baryana
    Waiting for your answer
  14. Hello baryana no answer of my above requests to you
  15. Any up dates for any member in these day on trv

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