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URGENT: How to do Landing by Bus/Taxi

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by canadavisa20, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. I have applied for PR on Sep 2012 and got my passport back yesterday. I wanted to do landing by going to US and coming back to Canada. I have US visa but don't have a car so I am planning to go to buffalo by bus and while coming back, take a cab from buffalo to niagara ontario. Has anyone done this before? Appreciate your response.
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    it should be fine but why don't you rent a car if you don't have one?
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    Don't have a license.

    Do you know about any cab service in buffalo which can travel to Niagara ON?
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    I don;t think CAB service will take you across border. you can check with Bus Operators if they have similar cases before. Ideally if it takes time they should arrange you in next bus.
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    Any more input guys?

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    Is there any particular reason you are going to Buffalo?

    Why not get a bus to Niagra Falls, Ontario and flagpole on foot at Rainbow Bridge?
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    When ur passport reached CIC for PR stamping ? ie., which date
    And when ur tracker got activated?
    It would be ver helpful if u cud share the timeline
    Thank you
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    congrats !!!! i did my flagpole at rainbow bridge. you dont need car to do that , just go to niagara falls and go across rainbow bridge by foot and get piece of paper from us border/custom folks and come back same way and complete the process on canadian side. total time 25 mins . good luck
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    Thanks man!
    I was planning to do some shopping in Buffalo and while coming back do the landing. Do I need to tell the US border that in addition to shopping I also wanted to do landing for my PR?
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    Wanted to do some shopping.....
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    No probs!

    PR Applied: Sep 16
    Tracker Activated: 7th Oct
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    You might want to check with local taxi service in buffalo....
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    I got my tracker activated today!
    I liked your idea and I am also planning to go to US and do landing while coming back through taxi. Anyone has any idea?
  14. 6 years later, I'll be doing this tomorrow.i tried flagpoling lastweek but they flat out refused. Probably because they were busy with the 4th of July. So I don't want to take a chance this time and I plan to actually cross the border all the way to Buffalo and then done back. I have us visa so crossing isn't an issue.

    Can anyone confirm is they have done this recently and have gotten positive news? I'm desperately trying to get it done tomorrow.


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