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URGENT : Applying for PRTD from India - Need Help

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by WednesdayBlues, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Hello Everyone, I became a PR last Aug (4th August 2018 to be precise) and returned back to India. My photos for PR card was requested a couple of times but, when i sent it the second time, there was no update at all. I intend to get back in September and figured the only way I can get there is by applying for a PRTD. Few questions on these and I absolutely appreciate any info that you guys could provide:

    1. In terms of availability of proof, I have my stamped CoPR as well as SIN. Did not open a bank account when i was there the last time. Would this just work or should I provide anything else along with these to strengthen my case? (Ready for Visa Email, Stamped Visa etc).

    2. I assume that Q19 in the application form is irrelevant to me since it’s not been 5 years yet. Is the assumption right?

    3. When I became a PR, I was single but, now I am married and I assume the same category needs to be checked. (Extremely Rookie doubt but, just trying to cover the bases is all)

    4. I have read in some cases that people attach a justification letter stating reason(s) as to why someone did not spend time in the country and why they need to get back. Is it mandatory in this case or would the application form along with the proofs are just fine?

    Anything else should I be aware of/take care to ensure PRTD application is not rejected? I am currently in India and if anyone recently had applied for one under similar circumstances, your help would go a long way. Thanks in advance, fellow members.
  2. You don’t have to worry about your PRTD being rejected. You are well within your residency obligations. Just apply.
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  3. Thanks. Just couple of more questions. In the application form, I assume Q14 needs to be filled (If you became PR less than 5 years ago: list your activities and employment from the time you became PR to present) and as well as Q15 which asks for time I was present in Canada. Q16 and Q17 are irrelevant for me since it is more of if i was employed and absence while accompanying a citizen or PR outside Canada.
  4. Fill out what is applicable to your situation
  5. Thank you! Lastly, is the Family Information sheet (IMM5707) mandatory as part of this? In my case, it is just going to be myself travelling. And what is the purpose of filling out this sheet anyway?

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