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UPS Lost Our Passports with PR Landing Visa and COPR

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by rou_yi_tuo, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Urgent help/advice needed! PR EE FSW from the United States
    We got the PPR request from Ottawa CPC and sent our passports from U.S. to Ottawa in early October. 10.28 our PR application got approved and we can see the counterfoil details in the application. 10.29 Return label tracker activated. On 10.31 the package just remained in the first UPS Ottawa station without moving for more than a day. Contacted UPS -> opened an investigation and they concluded the package was lost....
    I am still trying to call UPS to see if they can re-open the investigation to find the package.
    The question is, in case we do need to get new passports, do we just send them to Ottawa CPC for another visa stamping and COPR? I am really worried new passports might need more background check,, which will be really frustrating ...
    Has anybody experienced this and how did IRCC/CPC Ottawa handle replaced passports ??

    Thanks for any help !
  2. There wouldn't be new background checks for replaced passports.
  3. I think you should wait till Monday 4th Nov and track your UPS shipment through their online service. They will find it i believe. It happens sometimes that shipments get missing but thats for few hours to 2-3 days and after that it is traced. UPS is responsible for this. Keep following their website and their helpline as well.
  4. thanks for the reply. I do hope I can get the passports back..
    In case I don't, then that means I will just need to get the new passport (~1 month) and then submit the passports to CPC Ottawa again (~1 month).
  5. thanks for the advice. Yeah I am still trying with UPS and haven't lost hope of retrieving the package yet. Though they are very very.. irresponsible I think. The international department first initiated the investigation and then 2-3 hours later they concluded that it was lost.. It can never be that fast (from the international department to the local Canada station and back to them). This basically means they don't want to spend the time even looking for the package.. I called them multiple times and managed to let them re-open the investigation. Not sure how much hope is there given their attitude towards ordinary people's passports.. I will for sure keep bugging them for at least 1-2 weeks.
  6. You won't see any updates when it comes to clear custom. My last package took 3-4 to clear custom.
  7. I see. Well from my discussions with UPS, looks like the package got stuck in the first UPS distribution center in Ottawa, way before it was sent for custom/export.. they told me the system categorized the label as a United States domestic instead of international, and it got picked up outside US, so the station didn’t know what to do with it..however we did purchase the correct label as from Canada to United States and it should not be a domestic label. but I don’t know, if this is the case, they should have no problem retrieving it because it is simply just an error on the shipping label instead of actually losing/incorrectly routing it :(
  8. GOOD NEWS ! After ~1 week of countless calls with UPS customer services iterating how important this package was, they finally managed to get ahold of the Ottawa UPS location. We were already hopeless and preparing documents for replacing passports and then got a call from Ottawa yesterday. I purchased a new label, emailed it to them, and just now, I received the package of passports and COPRs from UPS ! Thanks everyone for all the help, care, and wishes ! Thank you all! Wish you all good luck !
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  9. Thats really fantastic news. I knew that UPS can not loose it. It can happen that they miss it somehwere. Anyhow, many many congrats. Have a safe journey ahead buddy.
  10. Thanks !!! I really appreciate all the support! Good luck to you too!
  11. I seems have the same issue.
  12. Hi, we're facing a similar situation where CPC is telling us that the passport was shipped already but UPS is saying that they didnt receive the shipment. Then they later told us that the label was incorrect and looked like it was for an address in the US from the US, instead of being international. How did your case get resolved? And how were you able to reach UPS Ottawa. UPS customer service keeps telling me that it's not possible to reach them.
    Thanks for your help!
    So worried about where the passports went missing!
  13. I recently got several private messages asking for help because a similar issue has occurred to them... I all replied with the number I got and looks like it works. So I am posting the number and the tips here so that in case more people are facing this issue (hopefully not), they can find quick help here.
    Summary of my story: I live in the U.S. and got a PPR request from CPC Ottawa. I sent the passports and a pre-paid UPS shipping label in a package to CPC Ottawa and they processed the visas and then returned passports back using this UPS shipping label. After the package was picked up in UPS Ottawa, it stopped moving for days. I paid a premium price for the label and it should arrive next day. The label was purchased online on UPS.com. UPS customer service said that the label was from U.S. to U.S., thus a U.S. domestic label, which was picked up in a Canadian station, so they did not know what to do with it. However, on the label, it clearly says "from Ottawa, ON Canada to California U.S.". After days of waiting and countless of callings, UPS Ottawa station finally called me and shipped the package back to me after I purchased a new label for them. The error, according to UPS Ottawa station, is that the label/tracking is redundant and cannot clear export customs.
    The Ottawa UPS Station is probably the export custom clearing agency of UPS, and their number is +1-613-670-6050
    Looks like any Ottawa UPS package that goes outside of Canada will be going through this station because it needs to clear customs first before going out of the country. For all people in a similar boat, please call this number for help. You can call during normal business hours (ET) so that you don't need an extension number to dial. The call will directly transfer you to a live person.

    Note, after researching, I think the reason why UPS had such an issue is that I logged into my UPS account to purchase this return shipping label. In my account, I have a U.S. address set up as the default return address. Even though I clearly put the CPC Ottawa address as the return and from address when purchasing the label, even though the printed out label clearly says it is from Canada to U.S., and even though I did pay a premium UPS worldwide fee (~$70), their system just defaulted the return address to my account's address without telling me and still letting us print the label that seemed right. So folks who decide to use UPS for PPR request in the U.S., please be extra careful and not sign into your UPS account. The safest way is to open an incognito window and go to UPS Canada website to buy this shipping label, and you can confirm that you are purchasing the correct label when you see you are paying in CAD.
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